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All four members of Exhumed Films are equal partners when it comes to decision making. They collaborate to decide upon what films they wish to show and what movies would work best together on a double-bill. Although they often function as a group, each member also undertakes individual responsibilities within the organization.


DAN FRAGA — Dan is the unofficial treasurer of the group. He maintains the group finances (translation: he makes the bank deposits) and writes the cheques when it’s time to pay the bills. Any profit that the organization makes off of a screening is immediately put into a fund to finance future shows. By day, Dan teaches English at a local high school. His connection to The Harwan goes back to his teenage years, when he used to perform at screenings of The Rocky Horror Picture Show held at the theater.




JESSE NELSON — Jesse created and maintains Exhumed’s website: www.ExhumedFilms.com. On it, he provides information about upcoming events, offers directions to whatever theatre we are screening at and fields all e-mail and questions about the group. Jesse has also been responsible for booking some of our most successful screenings, including our infamous Friday the 13th 3-D show, another sold-out show at another now-defunct theatre in North East Philadelphia. In 2000, Jesse started a successful DVD importation business, Diabolik DVD, Inc. with Joseph. Diabolik DVD is now the most successful on-line import DVD retailer in North America. Jesse hides his secret identity as a horror movie mogul by posing as a mild mannered internet and telephone sales manager during the day.



JOSEPH A. GERVASI — Joseph has been instrumental in arranging publicity for the Exhumed screenings. Being the only group member living in Philadelphia, Joseph is often saddled with the unenviable task of pasting flyers and posters all across the city. Joseph has also informed newspapers and magazines about the shows and is responsible for much of the positive press we’ve received. Like Dan, Joseph had a history with the Harwan: during the 1980s, he organized punk rock shows at the Harwan theatre as a founding member of Orgasmic Productions (which later moved to Philadelphia along with Joseph and became The Cabbage Collective). He appeared on WHYY FM’s “Radio Times” program with Todd Morris and Deborah Twiss, the creators of the films A Gun for Jennifer in March, 1999. Joseph has formerly edited NO LONGER A FANzine and he founded Bizarre Videos in the early 1990s and co-founded Diabolik DVD, Inc. with Exhumed Films member Jesse Nelson in 2000. Joseph can be reached via e-mail at: DeadStare4Life@Hotmail.com.


HARRY GUERRO — Harry is responsible for inspecting all of our rented prints and checking for problems with film quality. In his basement, Harry also houses Exhumed’s growing collection of theatrical horror trailers. Most importantly, Harry is responsible for designing and creating the impressive handbills and posters that we use to publicize the shows. Harry is a serious collector of rare 16mm and 35mm film prints and thanks to his tenacity and connections he has managed to procure many of Exhumed Films rare prints.







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