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Friday Dec 30th
Monster Double Feature in NJ!

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    Exhumed Films Presents: Best of the Fest Pt 1 - Horrorthon Classics.

    Friday , Dec 16th, 2011
    The Ibrahim Theater @ International House
    3701 Chestnut Street
    Philadelphia, PA
    Doors at 7:30pm, Trailers/Show at 8:00
    $12 for the Double Feature

    2 of the Favorite Films from Past 24hr Horrorthons in One Evening!

    Raw Force  (35mm / 1982 / 86m)
    A group of martial arts students are en route to an island that supposedly is home to the ghosts of martial artists who have lost their honor. A Hitler lookalike and his gang are running a female slavery operation on the island as well. Soon, the two groups meet and all sorts of crazy things happen which include cannibal monks, piranhas, zombies, and more!
    Lady Terminator (35mm / 1989 / 82m)
    The spirit of an ancient evil queen posesses the body of a young anthropological student, who then goes on a murderous rampage in this unapologetic rip-off of TERMINATOR .

    Exhumed Films Presents: Universal Horror Triple Feature

    Friday November 18th, 2011
    Doors at 7:30pm, Trailers/Show at 8:00
    $10 for the Double Feature

    Free Parking!  Info and Directions here

    The Mummy's Hand  16mm 67m 1940
     In this acclaimed follow-up to the popular original, an expedition of American archaeologists, headed by Steve Banning (Dick Foran) and Baby Jenson (Wallace Ford), travels to Egypt in search of the undiscovered tomb of the Princess Ananka. There they soon discover the clues that lead them to a 3000-year-old mummy, who is guarded by a sinister high priest (Eduardo Ciannelli). Reluctantly funded by a magician (Cecil Kellaway) and his beautiful daughter (Peggy Moran), the expedition has its hands full battling the mummy, who goes on a killing rampage during each full moon, in this frightening chiller masterpiece.

    The Black Cat 16mm 65m 1934
    Honeymooning in Hungary, Joan and Peter Allison share their train compartment with Dr. Vitus Verdegast, a courtly but tragic man who is returning to the remains of the town he defended before becoming a prisoner of war for fifteen years. When their hotel-bound bus crashes in a mountain storm and Joan is injured, the travellers seek refuge in the home, built fortress-like upon the site of a bloody battlefield, of famed architect Hjalmar Poelzig. There, cat-phobic Verdegast learns his wife's fate, grieves for his lost daughter, and must play a game of chess for Allison's life. Written

    The Raven 16mm 61m 1935
    A wealthy judge coaxes the brilliant but eccentric neurological surgeon Dr. Vollin (Lugosi), who also has an obsessive penchant for Edgar Allen Poe, out of retirement to save the life of his daughter, a dancer crippled and brain damaged in an auto wreck. Vollin restores her completely, but also envisions her as his "Lenore," and cooks up a scheme to kidnap the woman and torture and kill her fiance' and father in his Poe-inspired dungeon. To do his dirty work, Vollin recruits a wanted criminal (Karloff), and turns him into a hideous monster to guarantee his subservience

    PLUS Trailers and other Surprises!

    Exhumed Films Presents


    Doors open at 11am on Saturday, show starts at 12pm. Tickets: $30 (VIP TICKETS $40)

    TICKETS ARE SOLD OUT!  Info and FAQ Here

    Exhumed Films Presents: Italian Sci-Fi Double Feature

    Friday Sept 16th, 2011
    Doors at 7:30pm, Trailers/Show at 8:00
    $10 for the Double Feature

    Free Parking!  Info and Directions here

    Starcrash (1978 92m)
    The late 70s were a ripe time for Star Wars "inspired" films and this may be on of the most shameless of the bunch.   Luigi Cozzi (Alien Contamination) directs David Hasselhoff, Genre favorite Caroline Munro, Christopher Plummer (Sound of Music) and Joe Spinnel (Maniac) in this low budget story of a pair of smugglers who are recruited for a secret mission to destroy a mysterious superweapon designed by the evil Count Zartham

    Yor - The Hunter from the Future  (1983 88m)
    The legendary Italian genre director Antonio Margheriti brings us this amazing blend of sword and sorcery and sci-fi in which our hero YOR fights aliens, dinosaurs, ape-men and various other bad guys all to the tune of his very own theme song!

    PLUS Trailers and other Surprises!

    Exhumed Films Presents: A Double Dose of Cannibal Carnage!

    Saturday, Sept 3rd, 2011 (NEW RESCHEDULED DATE)
    The Ibrahim Theater @ International House
    3701 Chestnut Street
    Philadelphia, PA
    Doors at 7:30pm, Trailers/Show at 8:00
    $10 for the Double Feature

    Jungle Holocaust (1977, 88m)
    Arguably part of the “Unholy Trinity” of Italian Cannibal movies (along with “Cannibal Holocaust” and “Cannibal Ferox”), “Jungle Holocaust” is one of the most infamous genre movies of all time. Directed by the beloved/reviled Ruggero Deodato (who also unleashed “Cannibal Holocaust” onto an unsuspecting world three years later), “Jungle Holocaust” set the standard for gratuitous sex and carnage that has since become the trademark of sleazy Italian genre films. A plane crash survivor is subjected to humiliation and torture at the hands of his cannibalistic captors. However, with the help of a young cannibal girl, our hero attempts to navigate his way through the treacherous jungle and escape his hellish ordeal. Note: the film will be screened under the title “Carnivorous,” which was used for the 1978 US re-release, where it played on a double bill with our second feature…

    Raw Meat (1973, 87 min)
    Originally released in the UK under the title “Death Line,” “Raw Meat” marked the auspicious feature film debut from director Gary Sherman, who would later go on to make the superbly creepy “Dead and Buried” and the superbly crappy “Poltergeist III”. “Raw Meat” stars Donald Pleasance as a police detective investigating a mysterious disappearance in the London Underground. Is it a simple case of accidental death…or something much more sinister and primal? Hmm, I wonder…Look for fan fave Christopher Lee in a quick cameo.

    Exhumed Films Wants You to GO APE!
    Sunday, July 31st, 2011
    Show starts at 11:00 am (Doors at 10am)
    Tickets: $20

    Exhumed Films proudly presents one of the greatest sci-fi series of all time: all five PLANET OF THE APES films, together for one special screening!  The 1968 original—starring Charlton Heston and written by “Twilight Zone” creator Rod Serling—changed the face of science-fiction forever, and spawned four sequels…as well as a live-action tv series and a Saturday morning cartoon.  In 1974, 20th Century Fox released all five motion pictures together as a “quintuple feature” for a limited time in selected theaters.  Now, Exhumed Films recreates the classic “Go Ape” screenings by presenting a rare presentation of all five APES films, back-to-back!  These films have everything: Chuck Heston in a loincloth!  Nuclear warhead worshipping mutants!  Time travel!  Chimps wearing ascots!  Ricardo Montalban in a turtleneck!  Paul Williams, John Huston, and Sheriff Lobo in the same film!  And of course, lots of damn, dirty apes!  Five films, back to back on the big screen for the first time in nearly 40 years! 

    Stay tuned to the Exhumed Films website or Facebook page for more info on this rare cinematic event!

    Exhumed Films eX-Fest
    SATURDAY, MAY 7th 11am to 11pm  $20
    Doors at 9am

    eX-Fest is a chance for Exhumed Films to depart from our usual programming, but still give our audience members a crazy cinematic experience!  Exhumed usually screens primarily horror films, especially during our annual 24 Hour Horror-thon in October.  However, our tastes obviously run well past the horror genre, so eX-Fest will provide us with an opportunity to showcase examples of other cult/grindhouse type films which fall outside of the typical Exhumed repertoire. The idea is to show obscure examples of 7 different genres of film generally falling under the umbrella of "exploitation". Since we often only get to screen horror films thanks to a tight schedule of available dates, this is our chance to show you some really weird ass shit. Possible genres include but are not limited to: science-fiction, women-in-prison, western, war, cult comedy, giant monster, Euro crime, kung fu, biker, blaxploitation, sexploitation, and so on.


    Friday, March 25, 2011
    Doors: 7:30 PM
    Show: 8 PM
    Admission: $10

    JUST ADDED - Steve Karpf, the screenwriter behind Gargoyles, will be at the show to introduce the film and answer questions after the show!

    (35mm / 1972 / US / Bill L. Norton / Approx 74m)
    Many people fondly remember the horror TV movies from the '70s such as Duel, Don't Be Afraid of the Dark and Bad Ronald, but with its creepy creatures (done by a young Stan Winston), Gargoyles ranks as one of the best.  A scientist and his daughter travelling through the desert come across a colony of Gargoyles intent on the destruction of mankind!!!!!!!   Don't miss this rare opportunity to see a 35mm print of the film that was never released in theatres in the US!

    Incubus  (35mm / 1981 / John Hough / Approx 93m)
    Fresh from directing films for Disney, veteran British Genre director John Hough (Twins of Evil, Legend of Hell House) took a huge left turn making this nasty piece of exploitation that is unapologetically sleazy with moments of stylized Argento-esque gore!!.   A young New England boy dreams of women being brutally raped and murdered, only to discover that his dreams are true and may be the result of a demon!
    Look for a cameo from Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson.

    A Family Friendly Evening of Mischievous Monsters

    Friday, Dec 17th, 2010
    Doors: 7:30 PM
    Show: 8 PM
    Admission: $10

    Troll 2 (35mm / 1990 / Italy / Claudio Fragasso / Approx 95m)

    NILBOG!!!  For those of you that come to the 24 hour fest every year, you know that there is always one film that is so crazy, so amazing, so inept, that it is the talk of the night...films such as "Boarding House" and "Raw Force".  Folks, this is one of those films, but without the agony (and ecstasy) of the 24 hour fest.  "Troll 2", the endearing "Best Worst Movie" is so batshit stupid that it must be seen to be believed.  It is so dumb that it can't even get the name right (there are no trolls at all in the movie)! Come out and see what everyone is talking about and find out for yourself why this film is so much fun!

    Gremlins (35mm / 1984 / US / Joe Dante / Approx 106m)

    Exhumed favorite Joe Dante ("The Howling") presents a holiday classic (that's right, it takes place during Christmas) that spawned a generation of rip-offs.  It turns out there are mythical gremlins in our world and after our "hero's" father purchases one from a creepy old guy (no Frogurt included), all hell breaks loose.  It seems that there are a few simple rules to owning a "mogwai", but its new owner is too busy making goo-goo eyes at Phoebe Cates and thinking about her taking off her top in "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" that he can't remember the rules. Pretty soon there is whole town of evil, destructive Bugs Bunny-style gremlins wreaking havoc.



    Doors open at 11am on Saturday, show starts at 12pm. Tickets: $25 ($26 in advance)


    "A Double-Dose of Evil in August"
    Friday, August 27, 2010
    Doors: 7:30 PM
    Show: 8 PM
    Admission: $10

    Fear No Evil (Directed by Frank LaLoggia, US, 1981, 35mm, 99 minutes +/-, color) - At only 26, Frank LaLoggia (who later went on to direct The Lady in White) wrote/directed/co-produced and wrote the score for this ambitious little horror gem. While certainly influenced by other "spawn of Satan" films such as The Omen and The Exorcist and the Stephen King novel/Brian DePalma film Carrie, Fear No Evil is still marked with the distinctive stamp of its young director. Cinema has never seen a more fey Antichrist than Stefan Arngrim (of TV's Land of the Giants) as Andrew. It is the director's obvious struggles with his own sexuality that drive the sense of alienation that his abused and ultimately destructive teen wrecks on Rochester, New York. Aligned against Andrew is the reincarnation of an angel in the form of a confused high school girl played by Kathleen Rowe McAllen. Suffused with Catholicism, fueled by a great punk/new wave soundtrack (with the formidable likes of The Sex Pistols, Patti Smith, Richard Hell, The Ramones and Talking Heads) and featuring a zombies-and-laser-beams climax, Fear No Evil shines through with ambition despite uneven acting and bad '80s fashions.

    Tower of Evil (aka Beyond the Fog or The Horror of Snape Island, Directed by Jim O'Connolly, UK, 1972, 35mm, 89m +/-, color) - This little-seen British horror film of the early 1970s stands as one of the sleazier efforts of the era. Upon discovering the severely mutilated corpses of three teenagers and a traumatized survivor on deserted, foggy Snape Island, a team of archeologists head to out to discover the secret of the island and what happened to the female survivor of the slaughter. There they find lost Phoenician treasure and a beardo-weirdo killer intent on hacking them all to bloody bits. With a solid cast of British favorites of the era (Jill Hayworth, Dennis Price and the Carry On series' Robin Askwith), ample female nudity, proto-slasher film attacks and gallons of blood, Tower of Evil a film worth rediscovering by horror fans

    2 Rare 35mm Prints
    Friday June 11th, 2010
    Doors at 7:30 / Films at 8:00pm  $10 at the door
    Road Games
    1981 / Australia / Dir: Richard Franklin / 35mm
    Stacy Keach is Pat Quid, a lone trucker who plays games to keep his sanity on longhauls through the desolate Outback. Jamie Lee Curtis is a free-spirited hitchhiker looking for excitement with a game of her own. And somewhere up ahead is a maniac in a van whose game may be butchering young women along the highway.

    Director Richard Franklin (Psycho II, Link) packs plenty of Hitchcock-like twists and suspense into this sly shocker that was nominated for four Australian Film Institute Awards and remains one of the most surprising thrillers of the '80s.  (Synopsis courtesy of Anchor Bay)
    1978 / Australia / Dir: Richard Franklin / 35mm
    After violently murdering his mother and her lover, Patrick (Robert Thompson) lays comatose in a private hospital. When a pretty young nurse (Susan Penhaligon) begins working at the hospital, Patrick tries communicating with her, while others in her life are being hurt and killed in mysterious ways.  (Synopsis courtesy of Synapse Films)

    International House / 3701 Chestnut St / Philadelphia, PA

    Joseph A. Gervasi and International House Philadelphia Present:
    Nobuhiko Obayahshi’s HOUSE [HAUSU]
    (Japan, 1977, 87 minutes, Japanese with English subtitles, 35mm)
    June 5, 2010 7 PM
    $8 general admission
    Featuring vegetarian sushi provided by Magokoro  Foods
    At the International House, Philadelphia
    3701 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, PA
    Advance tickets available at: http://www.ihousephilly.org/programs-film-at-IHouse.htm
    How to describe Nobuhiko Obayahshi’s 1977 movie House? As a psychedelic ghost tale? A stream-of-consciousness bedtime story? An episode of Scooby Doo as directed by Dario Argento? Any of the above will do for this hallucinatory head trip about a schoolgirl who travels with six classmates to her ailing aunt’s creaky country home, only to come face to face with evil spirits, bloodthirsty pianos, and a demonic housecat. Too absurd to be genuinely terrifying, yet too nightmarish to be merely comic, House seems like it was beamed to Earth from another planet. Or perhaps the mind of a child: the director fashioned the script after the eccentric musings of his eleven-year-old daughter, then employed all the tricks in his analog arsenal (mattes, animation, and collage) to make them a visually astonishing, raucous reality. Never before released in the United States, and a bona fide cult classic in the making, House is one of the most exciting genre discoveries in years. [From the Janus Films website.]
    One night only! The restored, subtitled 35mm print. This film is not on video in the US. Don't miss your chance to see THE audience experience of the year!

    Friday April 23, 2010
    "Keep Your Eyes on the Skies!"
    Two films by Tobe Hooper
    $10  / Doors at 7:30 Show at 8:00pm

    1985 / Tobe Hooper / 35mm
    Coming off the success of Poltergeist, Tobe Hooper turned his attention to this science-fiction film based on the novel The Space Vampires by Colin Wilson and with a screenplay by Dan O'Bannon (RIP) that is fondly remembered as the film in which Mathilda May walks around naked for two hours while literally sucking the life out of people!

    Invaders From Mars
    1986 / Tobe Hooper / 35mm
    Tobe Hooper's remake of the classic 1950s Cold War science-fiction film finds a young boy trying to stop invading martians from overtaking his town.

    International House / 3701 Chestnut St / Philadelphia, PA

    Friday March 5th, 2010
    "One Dark Night of the Zombies!"
    Doors at 7:30 / Films at 8:00pm  $10 at the door
    Our first feature:
    1983 / USA / Dir: Tom McLaughlin / 35mm

    A young girl's initiation into a sorority-like group of teens involves her being able to spend the night in a creepy mausoleum.  How could she know that it would contain the body of Raymar, an undead psychic who uses telekinesis to reanimate corpses to do his evil bidding?  Directed by Tom McLoughlin, who would go on to direct the very entertaining Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives, One Dark Night is spooky, silly fun--shown on a pristine 35mm print.  Starring Meg Tilly (!) and Adam West (!!)

    Followed by:
    1980 / Italy / Dir: Bruno Mattei / 35mm

    This is the one you've been waiting for!  Screened only once by Exhumed Films in 1999, this infamous zombie "classic" has finally been unearthed from our vaults.  Night of the Zombies (aka Virus, Hell of the Living Dead) tells a familiar tale: an accident involving experimental chemicals has unleashed a plague that turns the bodies of the recently deceased into cannibalistic monsters.  A tv reporter joins up with a team of special forces commandos to investigate and eventually battle the armies of the undead.  A total shameless rip-off of both George Romero's Dawn of the Dead (right down to the plagiarized Goblin soundtrack!)  and Fulci's Zombie, but filled with enough ridiculous gore to make us forgive its faults.  Almost.


    Friday December 18th, 2009
    Doors at 7pm, Show at 8pm
    $10 at the door (no advance tickets)

    Shogun Assassin
    Academy Award-winning (*) Director Robert Houston's epic grindhouse mash-up, created by slicing and dicing the first two Lone Wolf &Cub movies is a the tender tale of a mighty swordsman trying to balance his career as an assassin with the problems of being a single dad while being stalked by legions of extremely hypertensive ninjas.

    7 Blows of the Dragon
    Co-directed by Chang Cheh, SEVEN BLOWS OF THE DRAGON (1972) is an action-packed Shaw Bros. costume adventure based on incidents from the multi-volume Chinese literary classic, `Water Margin,' aka `All Men are Brothers.'  A prime example of unabashed nonstop fighting and colorful historical adventure involving a host of characters from the Sung Dynasty, including the infamous band of 108 Outlaws, `gallant men' who allied together to become bandits after political corruption and court intrigue made them wanted men.

    Saturday / Sunday Oct 24th and 25th




    Third Time's The Harm! To celebrate the joyous Halloween season, Exhumed Films proudly presents the third annual 24 Hour Horror-thon: a full 24 hour marathon of nonstop horror mayhem! We'll start at noon on Saturday and go straight through until noon on Sunday. As always, the lineup of films is being kept secret--people who come to the show will only find out what the features are as they unspool onto the screen. The show will be a combination of some of the biggest horror titles of the last 30 years or so mixed with some really rare gems. Plus we'll run tons of classic trailers, shorts, and other oddities. Can you stay awake for the entire 24 hours? Who will survive, and what will be left of them? Be here on October 24th to find out!

    This year's show will also a feature a horror themed art show in the lobby!!

    ALL THE COLORS OF THE DARK: A Collection of prints inspired by the dark corners of 42nd street. Prints from 24 artist will be displayed in the lobby of a makeshift grindhouse for one full day during Exhumed Film's Horror-thon.

    Featuring art by Mike Bukowski, Jeanne D’Angelo, Delicious Design League, Donald Dixon, Doublenaut, JP Flexner, Skylar Gahagan, Jill Ginsberg, James Heimer, Dan Judge, Chris Kline, Largemammal, Alex Lukas, Bill McRight, Justin Miller, Doctor Pizolli, Mark Price, Print Mafia, Johnny Sampson, Perry Shall, Steak Mtn., Jason Urban, David Witt, and Mike Wohlberg

    Doors open at 11am on Saturday, show starts at 12pm. Tickets: $24
    at the I-House

    Exhumed Films Presents:
    TV Terror!

    Saturday, September 19, 2009


    Doors: 7 PM
    Show: 8 PM
    At the Sedgwick Theatre
    7137 Germantown Ave.
    Mt. Airy neighborhood of Philadelphia
    (Free parking in lot across the street. Accessible by R8 Allens Lane train stop as well as the #23, #18 or HX bus.)
    More info. at: www.ExhumedFilms.com
    and www.flickeringfilms.com

    Two much-loved though rarely-seen '70s television horror productions (neither of which have ever officially been released to tape or disc) will be screened from complete 16mm prints along with a host of trailers and a rare mystery short. The Sedgwick Theatre was a gorgeous, huge 1920s Art Deco movie/vaudville palace. Now it's semi-dilapated but on the rise. The theatre, through the hard work of Flickering Films, is now host to a series of cultural events, many centered around film and video. Exhumed Films is happy to be working with them and hopes that the future will bring more of our screenings at the Sedgwick. It's our intention to show some of our rarest, most obscure prints at this venue. Join your pals at Exhumed Films and support the DIY, grassroots efforts of Flickering Films.

    Don't Be Afraid of the Dark (Directed by John Newland, US, 1973, 73 minutes, 16mm) - Commonly remembered as "that movie with the trolls that live in the walls of an old house that try to kill the woman the lives there," Don't Be Afraid of the Dark stands as not only one of the creepiest movies of the 70s, but as the the creepiest TV movie of the week ever! Kim Darby plays a young wife who, after discovering the fireplace in the creepy old study of her house bricked up, unleashes a colony of troll-like creatures that terrify her to the point of hysteria. Unavailable on home video for the past 25 years, this obscure gem is still as good as you remember from that late night ABC TV viewing. If you haven't seen it, you're bound to find a new favorite.
    Bad Ronald (Directed by Buzz Kulik, US, 1974, 74 minutes, 16mm) - Ronald is a spaced-out bug of a boy who lives in his own fantasy world and murders a young girl in his neighborhood. His mother promptly hides him a away in a secret room of their house, but when she croaks, Ronald stays. A new family movies in and finds their home haunted not by a ghost, but by our boy Bad-ass Ronald. Televised mayhem ensues. For a film that's never seen release on video, Bad Ronald is burned into the memory of those who managed to see it and has taunted others by remaining just out of reach. Come join us for a night with this very special fellow and see what his twisted freakazoid mind gets up to....

    Saturday, August 22, 2009 8 PM $10



    (Jeff will be charging a small fee for autographs)

    "Acid and Evisceration: Jeff Lieberman Double Feature"
    Blue Sunshine
    Directed by Jeff Lieberman/US/1976/90 minutes/16mm
    This classic cult horror film, from acclaimed writer/director Jeff Lieberman, is a masterpiece of psychological suspense and terror. At a party, someone goes insane and murders three women. Falsely accused of the brutal killings, Jerry (Red Shoe Diaries' Zalman King) is on the run. More bizarre killings continue with alarming frequency all over town. Trying to clear his name, Jerry discovers the shocking truth - people are losing their hair and turning into violent psychopaths and the connection may be some LSD all the murderers took a decade before. Soon, if Jerry can't stop it, the horror will become uncontrollable -- the horror caused by Blue Sunshine!

    Just Before Dawn
    Directed by Jeff Lieberman/US/1981/99 minutes/16mm
    Five youths set out for a weekend camping excursion, to drink, frolic and skinny-dip on an isolated piece of land one of them has inherited. Despite ominous warnings of local forest rangers, strange backwoods families and a hollering drunken hunter claiming to have witnessed his friends evisceration by the hands of "demons", they trek farther into the foliage. Beautifully shot, extremely eerie, featuring the most demented murderer since Jason Voorhees, and a horrifying twist that will make you wonder: Will any of them survive those dark hours just before dawn? Presented here in a very rare longer print with more footage than any video release of the film.

    Friday, July 10, 2009 8 PM $10

    "Italian Flesh Eaters Double Feature!!"

    Cannibal Apocalypse aka Invasion of the Flesh Hunters

    Directed by Antonio Margheriti (as "Anthony M. Dawson")/Italy/1980/96 minutes/35mm

    A rare early '80s Italian gore classic. The horrors of war take on a whole new meaning for Vietnam vet Norman Hopper (John Saxon, Enter the Dragon and Black Christmas), whose quiet domestic life in Atlanta is shattered by the return of Charlie Bukowski, a combat buddy who dredges up terrifying flashbacks of flesh eating and bloodshed in the war-torn jungles. Now on the run from the law, Charlie begs Norman to help him get out of town with another fellow veteran, Tom (Tony King, Shaft). Soon the ragtag team of cannibals are fighting for their lives, spreading a deadly contagion through the city before heading into the sewers for a gut-wrenching climax you won't soon forget! .

    Terror-Creatures from the Grave aka Cinque tombe per un medium

    Directed by Massimo Pupillo/Italy/1965/85 minutes/35mm

    An attorney arrives at a castle to settle the estate of its recently deceased owner. The owner's wife and daughter reveal that he was someone who was able to summon the souls of ancient plague victims and, in fact, his spirit was roaming the castle at that very moment. Soon occupants of the castle begin to die off in gruesome, violent ways. Starring Barbara Steele.


    Friday April 10th  Exhumed Presents a double feature of Evil Spirits Run Amok!


    $10 - Doors at 7:30 Show at 8:00pm




    Let’s be frank: Exhumed Films has shown this movie more frequently than any other film in our 11 years of existence, to the point that we’re all sick of it.  But despite how many times we’ve screened it, we are constantly bombarded by e-mail requests from audience members wishing to see it again.  So every few years we dust it off to show that we’re not total snobs, deaf to the demands of our patrons.  The plot of Evil Dead 2 concerns a small group of people alone in the woods who battle Sumerian demons intent on possessing the living.  That’s about all you need to know for plot—and realistically, if you haven’t seen this movie 42 times by now, an Exhumed Films show is probably not the place for you.


    Dir. Sam Raimi \ USA \ 1987 \ 35 mm \ 85 minutes \ Color




    One of the perks of showing Evil Dead 2 ad nauseam is that we’re able to pair it with lesser-seen horror films that are worthy of re-discovery; our second feature is one such film.  The Asphyx is a creepy, intelligent horror film about the search for immortality, and its unfortunate consequences.  A turn-of-the-century scientist notices that photographs of his dying patients all contain an image of some mysterious apparition.  He then begins to suspect that this may be the mythological spirit of death called the asphyx, and becomes obsessed with the notion that capturing this spirit might result in immortality.  As can be expected, this quest takes a noticeable turn for the worse.  Even if you’re tired of Evil Dead 2, The Asphyx is well worth the price of admission.


    Dir. Peter Newbrook \ UK \ 1973 \ 16mm \ 83 minutes \ Color


    Friday February 6th: Exhumed Films presents a Dario Argento Double Feature!

    $10 - Doors at 7:30 Show at 8:00pm



    Dario Argento’s supernatural thriller Creepers features Academy Award winning actress Jennifer Connelly in her first starring theatrical role (one year before her appearance in Jim Henson’s Labyrinth made her semi-famous).  A young girl, with an amazing ability to communicate with insects (!), is transferred to an exclusive Swiss boarding school, where her unusual capability might help solve a string of murders.  Also starring genre favorite Donald Pleasance.


    Dir. Dario Argento \ Italy \ 1985 \ 35mm \ 82 minutes \ Color




    When Italian horror master Dario Argento teamed up with famed American director George Romero (creator of Night of the Living Dead and Dawn of the Dead) to produce an anthology horror film, genre fans were thrilled with the prospect of Romero’s penchant for blood and gore combining with Argento’s surreal, flamboyant visual style.  Surprisingly, the final product, Two Evil Eyes, is perhaps more subdued a film than one might expect, though it is still a fascinating project.  Romero and Argento each direct a short film based (however loosely) on the works of Edgar Allen Poe: Romero deals with a different sort of “undead” with his adaptation of Poe’s “M. Valdemar,” while Argento’s update of “The Black Cat” features some unique twists on the original.  Stars Harvey Keitel, Adrienne Barbeau, and E.G. Marshall.


    Dir. Dario Argento, George Romero \ Italy & USA \ 1990 \ 35 mm \ 120 minutes \ Color 



    December 19: Exhumed Films presents a holiday double feature of Ho-Ho-Horrors!

    Doors open at 7:30 pm, admission $12


    CHRISTMAS EVIL Despite having a similar plot to Silent Night, Deadly Night, Christmas Evil attracted little attention or controversy when it was released in 1980. Once again we have an unstable main character who puts on the red suit and beard and gives the naughty what they deserve-and we're not talking about lumps of coal. Arguably the best of the "Christmas Killer" movies, Christmas Evil should not be missed. This rare screening features a 35mm print from the personal collection of the film's director.
    Dir. Lewis Jackson \ USA \ 1980 \ 35mm \ 100 min. \ Color

    "The greatest Christmas movie ever made." - John Waters (PINK FLAMINGOS, HAIRSPRAY)




    SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT What would the Christmas season be without murderous psychopaths dressed up like Santa Claus? That's right: dull. Fortunately, both of tonight's films feature sinister Saint Nicks. First up is Silent Night, Deadly Night, which caused a firestorm of controversy upon its release in 1984. The plot concerns a deranged young man who dresses as Santa one Christmas Eve and punishes "naughty" individuals, including the obligatory group of promiscuous teens. Although the film is no more sleazy than the dozens of other slashers prevalent in the early '80s, Silent Night, Deadly Night outraged many who felt the demonizing of a beloved childhood icon was just going too far. Critics lambasted the movie while protesters showed up at local movie theaters to express their disgust. As a result of the controversy, Silent Night, Deadly Night was pulled from theaters, an act which essentially marked the death knell of the slasher film. Which, in retrospect, maybe wasn't such a bad thing.
    Dir. Charles Sellier Jr. \ USA \ 1984 \ 35mm \ 79 min. \ Color


    Sat / Sun November 1-2, 2008 : The triumphant return of the Exhumed Films 24 Hour Horror-thon!

    Doors open at 11:00 am on Saturday, Tickets $20

    Because you demanded it! Exhumed Films presents the second annual 24 Hour Horror-thon: a full 24 hour marathon of nonstop horror mayhem! We'll start at noon on Saturday and go straight through until noon on Sunday. To add an element of fun and surprise, the lineup of films is being kept secret--people who come to the show will only find out what the features are as they unspool onto the screen. The show will be a combination of some of the biggest horror titles of the last 30 years or so mixed with some really rare gems. Plus tons of classic trailers, shorts, and other oddities.  Can Exhumed top last year's line-up? Can you stay awake for the entire 24 hours? Be here on November 1st to find out!

    THE ALL NEW UPDATED FOR 2008 Exhumed Films 25 Hour Horror-thon FAQ!

    Q: I’m unfamiliar with this Horror-thon you speak of...what is involved?
    A: Last year, in celebration of Exhumed Films’ 10th anniversary, we held a
    24 hour marathon of non-stop horror films.  All of the films were kept
    secret until the moment they unspooled onto the screen.  In all, we screened 14 complete films and dozens of trailers & shorts.  It was ever so much fun.
    Q: So it’s not your 10th anniversary anymore.  Why are you doing this

    A: As I said, the four of us in Exhumed had a great time, and the audience
    response was tremendous.  We had many people express that they wished this could become an annual event.  So we’ll try it again this year and see how things go.  If this year is as much fun, perhaps it could become a Philly tradition.  Or maybe this will be the last time.  We’ll see.
    Q: You’re advertising this year’s marathon as a 25 hour fest.  What is
    the starting and ending time?

    A: It starts at noon on Saturday, November 1st, and ends at noon on Sunday November 2nd.  But due to Daylight Savings Time, we set the clocks back an hour at 2am, so we gain an extra hour of film time!
    Q: Are you planning to screen 14 movies again this year?
    A: Right now we’ve got a tentative schedule of 13 films, even with that
    extra hour—a few of this year’s movies are slightly longer than last
    year’s.  But if we adjust the number of trailers & shorts we show, we
    might be able to squeeze in one more movie.  Plan on 13 films, but don’t
    be surprised if you show up on November 1st & there’s a bonus movie.
    Q: Where is the show taking place?

    A: Once again, the Horror-thon will take place at the International House at University of Pennsylvania, 3701 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia.
    Q: Hey, I heard the I-House is undergoing renovations.  Are you sure the
    theater will be finished in time?

    A: Absolutely!  The renovations will be completed soon, and film programs at the I-House will resume in September.  So work will be finished in plenty of time for our show on November 1st-2nd.

    Q: Now in the past, I’ve noticed that the seats at the International House
    are…how can I put this politely?  Ass-bustingly painful.  How am I
    supposed to sit on one of those seats for 25 hours?

    A: One of the major focuses of the renovation has been to install more
    comfortable seating.  All of the old seats have been replaced with new ones that we have been assured are more comfortable than what existed previously. So that’s really good news.
    Q: When I attended the marathon last year, I brought….
    A: Wait a minute, I thought you said you had never heard of the Horror-thon before!
    Q: No, I’m a different person than the one who was speaking earlier.
    A: Oh, I’m sorry.  Please continue with your question.
    Q: Thanks.  As I was saying, when I attended the marathon last year, I
    brought a sleeping bag so I could sprawl out on the floor, and some other
    guy actually pitched a tent by the front of the screen.  Can we do stuff
    like that again?

    A: Unfortunately, no.  Because of the new seating arrangement at the
    I-House, there is actually much less space between the screen/stage and the first row of seats.  As a result, we cannot let folks sprawl out on the
    floor, as it will block the passage of people entering and leaving the
    theater.  Of course, you are still welcome to bring pillows, blankets,
    pajamas, etc., but you’ll need to utilize them from the comfort of your
    wonderfully cushy new seats.
    Q: How much are tickets to the Horror-thon?
    A: Tickets to the Horror-thon are once again a bargain basement $20 per
    person.  That’s less than one dollar per hour of entertainment!
    Q: When and how can I purchase tickets for the show?
    A: Advance tickets are now on sale at Ticketweb.  Click on this link:
    Tickets can also be purchased at the International House beginning one hour before showtime on November 1st.  Last year’s show was a sell-out event, so it might not be a bad idea to buy tickets in advance in order to
    guarantee that you’ll get in!
    Q: Can I purchase my ticket at the door with a credit card?

    A: No.  Obviously, advance online tickets can be purchased with a credit
    card, but you will need cash if you are planning to purchase your tickets at the door the day of the show.

    Q: What if I plan to come late or only stay for a few movies—can I get in
    at a reduced rate?

    A: Sorry, but tickets are still $20 whether you plan on staying for the
    entire 24 hours or just a few hours.
    Q: Can I watch a few films, leave, then come back later?

    A: Yes.  All audience members will receive a wristband and also a hand stamp to verify that you have paid your $20.  Just be sure to keep your wristband and your stamp visible so that if you go out for a while and come back later, you'll have proof that you have already paid & will be allowed re-entry to the theater.
    Q: What if I wash my hands and accidentally wash off the hand stamp?
    A: Don't wash the top of your hand.
    Q: Are you keeping the movie titles a secret again?
    A: Yes.
    Q: Weren’t people last year really annoyed by not knowing what films were playing?
    A: Actually, I think most people enjoyed the element of surprise.  It was
    fun watching audience members try to guess what films would be coming up next.
    Q: Do you give any sorts of clues as to what the films are?
    A: Last year, we distributed a program at the Horror-thon which gave basic information about the starting/ending times of the films, as well as the genre you could expect.  For example, the first film last year started at 12:15 and was listed in the program as “Slasher Classic.”  We’re
    planning to do a similar program this year so that you will have an idea
    when the films will start and finish and can have fun guessing what the film might be.
    As was the case last year, the lineup will be a combination of films we've
    shown before and other titles we've never screened.  Many of the titles
    could be considered fan favorites, but we have some really exciting rarities
    as well.  The films are primarily from the 1970s & 1980s.  You'll can expect
    a little of everything: zombies, slashers, classic monsters, exploitation,
    extreme gore and extreme campiness.  Our primary rule in selecting the films for the lineup is that we want them to be fun for the audience—nothing too grim or depressing.  In other words, don’t expect Last House on the Left or Cannibal Holocaust.
    Q: Do you have a list of the movies you showed last year?

    A: Exhumed Films does not have a list on its site or the Myspace page.  But if you Google around the net, you can probably find a few blogs where some folks listed the movies we ran.
    Q: Will you be doing any encore presentations of films you showed during
    last year’s Horror-thon.?

    A: As of right now, no films will be repeated from the previous marathon. 
    But as was mentioned earlier, a number of the films at this year’s show
    will be films that Exhumed has screened at some point in our 11 year
    history.  Might we be tempted to use one of our most popular films from last year as that bonus 14th film, should such a thing come to pass?  Maybe, but like I said, right now all 13 films on the schedule are different ones from last year’s marathon.
    Q: I looked at the list of films you showed last year, and there are some
    movies that I think were poor choices.  You’re not going to show films
    like that again, are you?

    A: Look, here’s the thing: we will never please everybody.  We have heard
    complaints from some people that there were too many “overplayed” films
    on last year’s bill and not enough rare films.  Conversely, we’ve had
    other people tell us that we showed too many obscurities and not enough of the “classics.”  One of the dangers of not telling people the film
    titles in advance is that some folks build imaginary playlists in their
    heads of what they would most want to see, and if the actual films don’t
    match the films they’re hoping for, they feel let down.  But overall, I
    think most people were satisfied with the majority of our film selections. 
    Remember that we try our best to design a program that will appeal to a
    variety of different people: the zombie lovers, the gorehounds, the slasher
    fans, the classic monster fans, the Eurohorror aficionados, etc.  Hopefully,
    we can give everybody something they will really enjoy.
    Will we top last year’s lineup?  I dunno.  That depends on your point of
    view.  We hope everyone likes what we’re screening.  And if not, fer
    Chrissakes, it only cost you $20!  Quit your griping, you whiny bastards!
    Q: Are you selling food at this show?
    A:  The I-House does not have a concession stand, per se, but there are
    vending machines and a small café in the lobby, and  there's a Wawa right
    down the street.  There are also a number of nearby restaurants if you want to sneak out for lunch, dinner, etc.   You are welcome to bring outside snack food (chips, popcorn, etc.) into the theater as long as you do not make a mess and you clean up after yourself.  But due to the nice, clean, comfy new seats, you CANNOT bring in dinner foods, i.e., cheese-steaks, pizza, etc.  Please eat all meals at a restaurant or in the I-House lobby (which has tables & chairs for your use) in order to keep the theater clean!
    Q: Will there be other stuff to buy?
    A: As always, Diabolik DVD will have a table of cult, horror, obscure films
    for sale throughout much of the show.  We will also Exhumed Films t-shirts
    for sale.
    Q: Besides money for tickets and DVDs and t-shirts and food, what else
    should I bring to the show?

    A: If you're in for the long haul, a pillow and blanket might make for a
    cozier viewing experience at 3am.  Also plan on bringing lots of quarters to
    fill the parking meter periodically if you drive to the show.  Perhaps some
    caffeine pills or Red Bull would come in handy.  And Tylenol.  Oh, and
    we’ve learned from last year that bringing some deodorant with you (and
    also bathing prior to the show!) will help prevent the theater from getting
    too “ripe.”
    Speaking of bringing caffeine to stay awake: last year the staff of the
    I-House was upset that some audience members were sleeping on couches in the lobby.  Since the I-House is also a student residence hall in addition to a theater, we can’t have Exhumed patrons sleeping in public areas.  So
    please be aware that if you want to take a nap, you’ll have to do so in
    your theater seat.
    Q: This show sounds like a cool idea.  Is there anything I can do to help
    with the marathon?

    A: Tell your friends.  Most of the people who discover Exhumed Films do so
    via word of mouth.  This is obviously a very expensive undertaking for us,
    so the more people who attend, the greater the likelihood of our breaking
    even!  You might also consider passing out some fliers in your area to help
    spread the word.


    Friday October 3, 2008 : Exhumed Films presents a double feature of Slashers & Psychotics!

    Doors open at 8:30 pm, Tickets $10


    John Carpenter wrote this sequel to his widely successful Halloween, but passed directing chores to newcomer Rick Rosenthal. The resulting film is not up to the iconic original, but is still an enjoyable entry in the slasher genre. Picking up moments after the end of the first film, Halloween II once again features Jaime Lee Curtis as the long-suffering Laurie Strode, who soon discovers why exactly the psychotic Michael Myers has such an unhealthy obsession with her. Donald Pleasance also returns as Dr. Loomis, but keep an eye out for Dana Carvey in an early film role before he hit it big with that other Michael Myers.
    Dir. Rick Rosenthal \ USA \ 1981 \ 35mm \ 92 min. \ Color


    Like Halloween II, our second feature of the evening is also a follow up to groundbreaking horror classic. Director Tobe Hooper followed The Texas Chain Saw Massacre with Eaten Alive, a surreal shocker that is sometimes gruesome, sometimes hilarious, but always entertaining. Psychotic motel owner Judd (Neville Brand) keeps a pet crocodile in the swamp beneath his establishment, which makes disposing of problematic hotel guests remarkably convenient. Also features genre favorites Robert Englund, Carolyn Jones, Mel Ferrer, and Marilyn Burns.
    Dir. Tobe Hooper \ USA \ 1977 \ 35mm \ 91 min. \ Color



    June 7: 70's Nightmares!!

    Doors at 7:30 / Show at 8:00pm  $12
    Malatesta's Carnival of Blood - Directed by Christopher Speeth. USA. 1973. 74 minutes. Color. 35mm. Until just a few years ago, Malatesta's Carnival of Blood was considered a lost film. Shot in the early '70s and released -- barely -- in 1973, the film became the subject of horror fan lore until it was released on the director's own DVD label in 2003. The film concerns a family who poses as new workers at a sinister carnival to find their missing son. As they soon find out, the carnival is populated by ghouls, cannibals and flesh-eating freaks, many of whom are obsessed with old silent films. More a lysergic, hallucinogenic nightmare than a straight-ahead horror film, Malatesta disturbs and confounds the viewer with some of the most bizarre art direction captured on film.  The film was shot outside Philadelphia with a mostly local cast and crew. The aforementioned surreal art design was created by a Philly-based art troupe called Alley Friends, who are now famous in the architecture world for their eco-friendly, sustainable energy building designs. The late Herve Villechaize, best known as the dwarf "Tattoo" on television's Fantasy Island, plays a significant role (his first film role). Come join local director Christopher Speeth as he presents the only 35mm print in existence: his own archival print, which may never again be screened to the public. Mr. Speeth will be on hand to introduce his film and to answer questions after it runs.
    Messiah of Evil - Directed Huyck. USA. 1973. 90 minutes. Color. 35mm. Written by the team of Willard Huyck and Gloria Katz, who a few years later went on to write the script for American Graffiti, Messiah of Evil is one of the finest, most neglected horror films of the 1970s. Only ever released cropped on VHS and on poor-quality, bootleg DVDs, this is one film that needs to be seen projected thanks to its 2.35:1 'scope photography, which is essential to creating the film's bleak mood. This movie achieves what so many direct H.P. Lovecraft film adaptations have failed to rise to: a truly Lovecraftian feel. Coupled with post-Night of the Living Dead flesh-eating zombies, you have a horror film capable of getting under your skin like few others. Messiah of Evil boasts some of the creepiest set pieces in '70s cinema and a cast of well-loved cult film performers including Joy Bang, Marianna Hill, Royal Dano, Anitra Ford and Elisha Cook, Jr. You won't want to miss this rare screening.

    We are delighted to announce that in addition to director Christopher Speeth, Exhumed Films will also present lead actress Janine Carazo, Alley Friends art direction team member Richard Strange, and flesh-eating ghoul extra Roberta Miller. This will most likely be the only time these members of the MALATESTA cast and production team ever gather in one place! We'll also have popcorn and treats by the vegan bakers of the Salt of the Earth collective. Artist and Near Dark member Justin Miller will have hand-screenprinted, signed and numbered posters for sale. Try to get your Diabolik DVD show orders in early so you get what you want. This is the last Exhumed Films screening until October 3, so don't miss what stands to be one of our best-ever shows!



    APRIL 19: Exhumed Films Presents a Double Feature of Bizarre Biker Battles!

    Doors at 8:30 / Show at 9:00pm  $10  (please note the later start time)
    Following the phenomenal success of his living dead classic Dawn of the Dead, horror icon George A. Romero took a break from zombies and monsters to create Knightriders, an odd fantasy/fable about a group of bikers/performers that tries to recapture the glory and nobility of medieval knights by performing at "Renaissance Faires" and jousting on Harleys instead of horses. The troupe must contend with the challenge of maintaining the purity of their idyllic "kingdom" while being tempted by the contemporary lures of wealth and celebrity. Though it may sound bizarre, Knightriders has a great deal of heart and is one of Romero's most personal films. Starring Ed Harris (in his first major role) and genre favorite Tom Savini.
    Dir. George Romero \ US \ 1981 \ 35mm \ 145 min. \ Color
    The Italian film industry of the 1980s apparently didn't have much faith in the future of American society. In the wake of dystopic sci-fi classics like John Carpenter's Escape from New York and George Miller's Mad Max came a new subgenre of Italian action films set in a post apocalyptic United States, most with remarkably derivative titles: After the Fall of New York, Escape from the Bronx, 2020: Texas Gladiators, etc. Exhumed Films is "proud" to present one of the most infamous movies of the genre, 1990: The Bronx Warriors. In the distant future of...well...1990..., Trash (Mark Gregory) leads a gang of big haired, spandexed bikers called The Riders, who fight for their turf in the lawless streets of a ravaged New York City. But when Trash falls in with a wealthy runaway with ties to a corporate fortune, he encounters the ruthless mercenary Hammer (Vic Morrow, wielding a mean flame thrower) who has been sent into The Bronx to reclaim the missing heiress. Full of violence and absurdity, 1990: The Bronx Warriors is sure to entertain. Also featuring Fred Willamson and Italian horror stalwart George Eastman.
    Dir. Enzo Castellari \ Italy \ 1982 \ 35mm \ 89 min. \ Color


    MARCH 7: Exhumed Films says DON'T miss this double feature!

    Doors at 7:30 / Show at 8:00pm  $10
    The first of many European zombie films inspired by George Romero's Night of the Living Dead, Jorge Grau's stylish living dead chiller has the distinction of being quite possibly the most frequently re-titled film in cinema history! Better known under the name Let Sleeping Corpses Lie (or Breakfast at the Manchester Morgue, or Living Dead at Manchester Morgue, or.....) Don't Open the Window centers on two young people in the English countryside who discover that a local farmer's attempt to use radiation as a form of insect control has accidentally resurrected the recently deceased. Yet stubborn police detective Arthur Kennedy suspects that the spate of murders and cannibalism cropping up in the area are not supernatural in nature, but rather ritualistic killings performed by our hippie-ish leading man.
    Dir. Jorge Grau \ Spain & Italy \ 1974 \ 35mm \ 85 min. \ Color
    A grim, unpleasant slasher film that is definitely not for the feint of heart or easily offended: a victim of child abuse (Dan Grimaldi) grows up to become a maniacal construction worker. He stalks women at discos, takes them home, then hangs them upside-down in a special steel-walled room and sets them on fire. Quentin Tarrantino cites this movie as one of the most disturbing films he's ever seen--and this is coming from the guy responsible for that scene with the ear and the straight razor...
    Dir. Joseph Ellison \ US \ 1980 \ 35mm \ 82 min. \ Color



    FEBRUARY 1: Exhumed Films Presents a Giallo Double Feature!

    Doors at 7:30 / Show at 8:00pm  $10
    After dipping into the world of supernatural horror with Suspiria and Inferno, renowned Italian director Dario Argento returned to the giallo subgenre that made him famous. Tenebre follows a writer who arrives in Rome only to find somebody is using his novels as the inspiration for a series of grisly murders. As the death toll mounts the police are ever baffled, and the writer becomes more closely linked to the case than is comfortable. Arguably one of Argento's finest films (and one that is rarely screened in the United States), Tenebre is not to be missed.
    Dir. Dario Argento \ Italy \ 1982 \ 35mm \ 101 min. \ Color
    Directed by the infamous Sergio Martino (Slave of the Cannibal God, Screamers), Torso is an underrated giallo about an American exchange student in Rome who, along with her friends, is stalked by a mysterious killer. His modus operandi? Strangling women with his red scarf. The violence on screen is sometimes subdued, sometimes brutal, but always terrifying.
    Dir. Sergio Martino \ Italy \ 1973 \ 35mm \ 89 min. \ Color




    Saturday Oct 27 and 28th, 2007

    Oct. 27-28: 24 Hour Horror-thon! 

    Tickets $20

    Doors open Saturday at 11am--show starts at noon


    Exhumed Films celebrates its 10th anniversary with the biggest show in its history: a full 24 hour marathon of nonstop horror mayhem!  We'll start at noon on Saturday and go straight through until noon on Sunday.  To add an element of fun and surprise, the lineup of films is being kept secret--people who come to the show will find out the what each feature is as it is unspooling onto the screen.  The show will be a combination of some of the biggest horror titles of the last 30 years or so mixed with some really rare gems.  Plus tons of  classic trailers, shorts, and other oddities.  Rest assured, our audience will get the requisite zombies, maniacs, and monsters they've come to expect from an Exhumed show.  Our main rule is this: nothing dull.  Every film we screen will be crazy, bloody, ridiculous fun.  Do you have what it takes to last the full 24 hours?  Who will survive, and what will be left of them?  Don't miss this once in a lifetime event!


    Need more information?  Check out the FAQ!

    * * *


    Exhumed Films 24 Hour Horror-thon FAQ

    Q: Why are you guys doing this show?
    A: For a few reasons:
            1. It's our tenth anniversary and we want to do something special
            2. Nothing like this has ever been done in the Philadelphia area
            3. It's going to be lots of fun.and a test of endurance
    Q: Is it really going to go on for 24 hours?  Nonstop?
    A: Yes.  If all goes as planned, it should be nonstop movies, shorts, and
    trailers for the full 24 hours.
    Q: So how many full length films will you actually be screening?
    A: Thirteen, most likely.
    Q: Thirteen movies?  Isn't that...y'know....kind of insane?
    A: Yes.  Completely
    Q: When is it happening?
    A: The show will start on Saturday October 27th at 12 noon.  It will end on Sunday October 28th at approximately 12 noon.  Tickets will be onsale at 11am on the 27th.
    Q: Where is the show taking place?
    A: The International House at University of Pennsylvania, 3701 Chestnut
    Street, Philadelphia.
    Q: How much does it cost to get into this show?
    A: Tickets for the marathon are only $20.  This is a very expensive program for us to put together, but as a "thank you" to our audience, we're keeping the ticket price as low as possible.  That's less than $1 per hour of entertainment!
    Q: Can I buy my tickets in advance?

    Q: When and how can I purchase tickets for the show?

    A: Advance tickets are now on sale at TicketWeb. Click on this link and scroll to the bottom of the page:


    tickets can also be purchased at the International House beginning one hour before showtime on October 27.

    Q: What if I plan to come late or only stay for a few movies-can I get in at a reduced rate?
    A: Sorry, but tickets are still $20 whether you plan on staying for the
    entire 24 hours or just a few hours.
    Q: Can I watch a few films, leave, then come back later?
    A: Yes.  All audience members will receive a wristband and also a handstamp to verify that you have paid your $20.  Just be sure to keep your wristband and your stamp visible so that if you go out for a while and come back later, you'll have proof that you have already paid & will be allowed re-entry to the theater.
    Q: What if I wash my hands and accidentally wash off the handstamp?
    A: Don't wash the top of your hand.
    Q: Okay, here's the big question: what movies are you going to show?
    A: It's a secret.
    Q: Why aren't you announcing what movies are playing?
    A: Again, for a few reasons:
            1. It adds an element of surprise
            2. It allows us to adjust our playlist of movies if we come across      something unique shortly before the show
    Q: Well, I'm not paying $20 for any show that doesn't tell me what movies I'll be watching.
    A: That's not a question.
    Q: Who are you, Alex Trebek?  Fine, I'll rephrase it.why should I come to
    this show if I don't know what's playing?
    A: Because the movies we're showing are all really good.  Really.  You have to trust us.
    Q: Why should I trust you?
    A: If you look at the list of movies we've shown over the last ten years,
    you'll see we've shown some of the greatest horror films of all time. You
    know what we have access to.  When we say we're showing really good films, we mean it.  This is one of the coolest film combos we've ever done, and a great way to celebrate Halloween weekend.  And at only $20, it's a bargain even if you only stay for a few movies!
    Q: Can you give us any hints as to what's playing?
    A:  I can say this: the lineup will be a combination of films we've shown
    before and other titles we've never screened.  The majority of the titles
    could be considered fan favorites, but we have some really exciting rarities
    as well.  The films are primarily from the 1970s & 1980s.  You'll get a
    little of everything: zombies, slashers, classic monsters, exploitation,
    extreme gore and extreme campiness.  Our primary rule in selecting the films for the lineup was that we wanted every single title to be gory or goofy action packed fun, and I think we've succeeded.
    Q: Are you selling food at this show?
    A:  The I-House does not have a concession stand, per se, but there are
    vending machines and a small café in the lobby, and  there's a Wawa right
    down the street.  There are also a number of nearby restaurants if you want to sneak out for lunch, dinner, etc. or pick up a pizza to bring back to the show.  You are welcome to bring in outside food as long as you do not make a mess and you clean up after yourself.
    Q: Will there be other stuff to buy?
    A: As always, Diabolik DVD will have a table set up throughout much of the
    show.  We should also have a new 10th anniversary commemorative t-shirt for sale.
    Q: Besides money for tickets and DVDs and t-shirts, what else should I bring to the show?
    A: If you're in for the long haul, a pillow and blanket or sleeping bag
    might make for a cozier viewing experience at 3am.  Also plan on bringing
    lots of quarters to fill the parking meter periodically if you drive to the
    show.  Perhaps some caffeine pills or Red Bull would come in handy.  And
    Q: This show sounds like a cool idea.  Is there anything I can do to help
    with the marathon?
    A: Tell your friends.  Most of the people who discover Exhumed Films do so
    via word of mouth.  This is obviously a very expensive undertaking for us,
    so the more people who attend, the greater the likelihood of our breaking
    even!  You might also consider passing out some fliers in your area to help
    spread the word.



    Saturday Sept 22nd, 2007

    $12 - Showtime 7:30pm Doors / 8:00pm Show

    Exhumed Films presents a night of TEENAGE REBELLION!

    Produced by genre giant Roger Corman, Rock 'n' Roll High School is a
    throwback to 1950s teen centered music films like Rock Rock Rock, though obviously updated to reflect the musical scene of the late '70s.  PJ Soles (Halloween) plays Riff Randall, a rebellious student at Vince Lombardi High School who is obsessed with punk rock legends The Ramones.  Riff meets her heroes, writes a song for them, and enlists their help in overthrowing the evil school principal Miss Togar, who has embarked upon a campaign to rid the community of rock music.  A highly ridiculous and enjoyable comedy That features Corman film regulars like Mary Woronov, Paul Bartel, and the immortal Dick Miller.
    Dir. Allan Arkush \ US \ 1979 \ 35mm \ 93 min. \ Color
    The janitor at a local high school is actually the scout for a coven of
    Satanists on the lookout for a virgin to sacrifice. One day he kidnaps the cheerleading squad to use for their rituals. However, unbeknownst to the devil-worshipers, one of the cheerleaders is actually a witch, and has plans of her own for the Satanists.  Directed by the infamous exploitationer Greydon Clark (Black Shampoo, Without Warning) and featuring once respectable actors like John Ireland, John Carradine, and Yvonne De Carlo.
    Dir. Greydon Clark \ US \ 1977 \ 35mm \ 92 min. \ Color
    Our final feature of the night is another doozy from the irrepressible
    Greydon Clark.  When a top local businessman and his two bumbling nephews try to shut down the town's only video arcade, arcade employees and patrons fight back.  Not Academy Award material to say the least, but if you're a fan of 1980s arcade games, this film has some sweet footage of games like "Satan's Hollow" and "Pac-Man" in action.  Starring a slumming Joe Don Baker and Jon Gries (Monster Squad, Napoleon Dynamite) as punk
    rocker/nemesis King Vidiot.
    Dir. Greydon Clark \ US \ 1983 \ 35mm \ 88 min. \ Color


    Saturday July 21st, 2007

    $12 - Showtime 7:30pm Doors / 8:00pm Show

    Exhumed Films presents a John Carpenter triple feature!


    Arguably Carpenter's greatest film (the only other real challenger being Halloween), The Thing is a remake of the 1951 sci-fi classic in name only.

    A group of scientists stationed at an Antarctic research facility must confront a shape-shifting alien life form that kills and assumes the identity of other living creatures.  The sense of paranoia and madness Carpenter achieves is surpassed only by Rob Bottin's ground breaking visual effects, which are just as impressive 25 years later and stand as testament that CGI cannot always trump a little liquid latex and Karo syrup.

    Kurt Russell leads a stellar cast that also includes Wilford Brimley and Keith David.

    Dir. John Carpenter \ US \ 1982 \ 35mm \ 109 min. \ Color


    In many respects this is almost a remake of Carpenter's own Assault on Precinct 13, but with the marauding criminal gangs replaced by possessed homeless people and a big vat of satanic Hawaiian Punch.  Donald Pleasance (second only to Kurt Russell on Carpenter's list of favorite actors) is a priest who discovers a bizarre green fluid stored in the basement of an old church and fears it might actually be the antichrist in liquid form.or something like that.  Rather than call the Vatican or the army or Ghostbusters, he seeks assistance from a bunch of graduate students and a math professor.

    Bad move, Donald.bad move.  Also features Victor Wong (hooray!) and Alice Cooper (huh?).

    Dir. John Carpenter \ US \ 1987 \ 16mm \ 102 min. \ Color


    Thought Snake Plisken was dead?  Think again!! Kurt Russell plays Snake, a dangerous con who is forced by penalty of death to retrieve the president of the US (played by none other than Donald Pleasance) whose plane has crashed into NY City – now a maximum security prison and home to the deadliest criminals on earth!!  Featuring an all star cast of cult actors including Lee Van Cleef, Ernest Borgnine, and Isaac Hayes as the Duke, John Carpenter’s futuristic western set a new standard of tough guy action in the 80s and has never gone out of style. 


    Dir. John Carpenter \ US \ 1981 \ 35mm \ 99 min. \ Color


    Saturday May 5th, 2007

    $12 - Showtime 7:30pm Doors / 8:00pm Show

    Cult favorite John Carpenter took a break from his trademark horror films in
    the mid 1980s and experimented with combining cinematic genres & styles. Hefollowed the successful 1984 Sci-Fi/Romance Starman with Big Trouble in Little China, an amalgam of action, fantasy, comedy, and kung-fu.  The
    result is an entertaining mishmash revolving around one of Carpenter's
    most colorful antiheroes, gruff trucker/ladies man/butt kicker Jack Burton
    (played by frequent Carpenter collaborator Kurt Russell).  Burton tries to
    help his friend Wang regain his fiancé, who has been kidnapped by an
    ancient evil magician; together they battle monsters, demons, and kung-fu
    masters in San Francisco's Chinatown.  Also starring Kim Cattrall, James
    Hong, and the incomparable Victor Wong.
    Dir. John Carpenter \ USA \ 1986 \ 35mm \ 82 min. \ Color
    Released as Legend of the Seven Golden Vampires in the UK (arguably a better title, though not nearly as fun), this was a co-production between the venerable horror pioneers Hammer Films and Hong Kong's leading kung-fu producers, Shaw Brothers Studios.  The 1970s saw Hammer ditching their traditional Victorian era gothic horrors for more adventurous, genre
    bending fare (see Captain Kronos: Vampire Hunter or Dr. Jekyll & Sister Hyde as evidence); this first ever "kung-fu vampire movie" continues the trend.
    Hammer/Amicus Films stalwart Roy Ward Baker directs Peter Cushing in his
    fifth-and final-appearance as Professor Van Helsing.  This time, Van
    Helsing is teaching at a university in China where he teams up with a
    kung-fu master to battle seven vampire overlords and their zombie army.
    While Seven Brothers Meet Dracula does have a cult following, critics of
    thefilm say that the movie is nonsensical and slowly paced.  But those people are jerks.
    Dir. Roy Ward Baker \ Hong Kong, UK \ 1974 \ 35mm \ 83 min. \ Color
    The "purest" kung-fu film of our triple-feature, Kid with the Golden Arm
    is a classic directed by the great Chang Cheh, who produced some of the most entertaining martial arts films at Shaw Brothers during the 1970s and
    early 1980s. Known for his graphic yet cartoon-like violence and memorable characters, Cheh's follow-up to the outrageous Five Deadly Venoms is a non-stop kung fu ride filled with just about everything a fan could want.
    An escort service (no, not that kind of escort service.) is hired to
    protect a large sum of gold being transported to aid famine victims. But a
    gang, led by the infamous Golden Arm, is bent on taking the treasure.
    Which clan's kung-fu will reign supreme?


    Exhumed Films Presents a Very Special Night With Writer/Director/Producer Roy Frumkes!

    Saturday, March 24

    $12 - Showtime 7:30pm

    [Directed by Jim Muro/1987/Color/102 minutes/35mm] STREET TRASH stands as one of the most outrageous gore-comedies of the 1980s. The rotgut booze Tenafly Viper can cause much more than a hangover...drink some and you'll melt within seconds! Join a cast of screwballs and revel in the grue and gore in this subversive little gem of a cult classic. Writer/producer Roy Frumkes will be on hand to introduce the movie (projected from his rare, personal 35mm print) and take your questions. As well, he'll be presenting the never-before-seen documentary about the making of George A. Romero's LAND OF THE DEAD, DREAM OF THE DEAD (2005/Color/25 minutes/CDr). Hardcore horrorfiles will flip their lids over some footage of a certain mythical uncompleted horror anthology Mr. Frumkes plans to bring with him to screen for Exhumed Films fans only! Autographs will be signed in the lobby.


    Exhumed Films Presents:

    Saturday, Feb 17: MY BLOODY VALENTINE and CANDYMAN

    Exhumed Films presents a double dose of Romance Gone Awry!

    MY BLOODY VALENTINE-- a well-regarded slasher from the early '80s that once again proves no holiday is safe from homicidal maniacs.  A seemingly innocent Valentine's Day dance inadvertently leads to a mine explosion and the deaths of several coal miners (isn't that always the way?).  Twenty years later, a group of youngsters decides to organize the town's first Valentine's dance since the horrible accident.  Unfortunately, they are stalked by a pick axe wielding, gas mask wearing killer who takes offense to their insensitivity.  Could this masked madman be the lone survivor of the explosion, or is something else afoot?

    Dir. George Mihalka \ Canada \ 1981 \ 35mm \ 91 min. \ Color

    CANDYMAN-- for a gruesome horror film, this has quite a pedigree: it's produced by famed horror writer/director Clive Barker (Hellraiser), written & directed by art house filmmaker Bernard Rose (Immortal Beloved, Anna Karenina), and features a score by Phillip Glass.  Loosely based on one of Barker's short stories, Candyman tells the tale of graduate student Helen Lyle (Virginia Madsen), who is writing a thesis paper on urban legends.  In an inner-city ghetto she hears the legend of "Candyman", a vengeful spirit who materializes and slaughters anyone brave enough (or foolish enough) to repeat his name five times.  When a series of murders takes place in the city, it seems as if the titular boogeyman might be the culprit.  Even worse is the possibility that Helen herself is actually the reincarnation of Candyman's long lost love.  Her boyfriend's back, and she's gonna be in trouble.....

    Dir. Bernard Rose \ USA \ 1992 \ 35mm \ 99 min. \ Color




    Saturday, December 16: Exhumed Films in Outer Space!

    $10 - Showtime 8:00pm      

    GALAXY OF TERROR - Another Corman sci-fi cheapie from the 1980s. This time, a crew of space explorers encounters a strange pyramid that brings their deepest fears to life. The cast also rivals that of the previous feature, and includes Ray "My Favorite Martian" Walston, Robert "Freddy Krueger" Englund, and Erin "Joanie Cunningham" Moran. Oh, and working behind the scenes as set decorator and unit director, respectively, are two nobodies named Bill Paxton and James Cameron.
    Dir. B.D. Clark \ USA \ 1981 \ 35mm \ 82 min. \ Color    

    BATTLE BEYOND THE STARS - A Roger Corman "classic" which is equally inspired by Star Wars and Seven Samurai: seven intergalactic mercenaries are assembled to defend a helpless planet from an evil overlord. Features a screenplay by Academy Award nominee John Sayles (Lone Star), a score by Academy Award winner James Horner (Titanic), and a cast of B-list all-stars, including Richard Thomas, John Saxon, Sybil Danning, George Peppard, and Robert Vaughn. Dir. Jimmy T. Murakami \ USA \ 1980 \ 16mm \ 104 min. \ Color


    Saturday, November 18: When Animals Attack!    

    $10 - Showtime 8:00pm  

    GRIZZLY - A fifteen foot tall grizzly bear terrorizes a state park; park ranger Christopher George leaps into the carnage to stop it. An enjoyable Jaws ripoff directed by William Girdler (The Manitou, Sheba, Baby).
    Dir. William Girdler \ USA \ 1976 \ 35mm \ 92 min. \ Color    
    DAY OF THE ANIMALS - The depletion of the earth's ozone layer causes animals above the altitude of 5000 feet to run amok, which is very unfortunate for a group of hikers who get dropped off up there by helicopter just before the quarantine is announced. Also directed by William Girdler, also starring Christopher George, but with the added bonus of Leslie Nielsen wrestling a bear! You can't go wrong!
    Dir. William Girdler \ USA \ 1977 \ 35mm \ 98 min. \ Color    


    Saturday, October 28: Grindhouse Horror Triple Feature Part Two!    

    $12 - Showtime 8:00pm  

    BEAST OF THE YELLOW NIGHT - Satan himself saves Joseph Langdon (John Ashley, who also produced the film!) from death on one condition--that Langdon become his evil disciple and turn into a bloodthirsty monster! Yet another bizarre and bloody entry in a series of Fillipino horror films from director Eddie Romero (Twilight People, White Mama, Black Mama).
    Dir. Eddie Romero \ Philippines & USA \ 1971 \ 35mm \ 87 min. \ Color  
     DEVIL TIMES FIVE - Three adult couples at a snowbound lodge are terrorized by a group of murderous mental patients. Oh, did we mention that the escaped lunatics are also children? And that one of them is Leif Garrett? Now that's scary.
    Dir. Sean MacGregor \ USA \ 1974 \ 35 mm \ 88 min. \ Color    
    SCREAMERS - Originally titled Island of the Fishmen, American distributors wisely changed the name of this Italian import to something a little less absurd. Notorious director Sergio Martino (Slave of the Cannibal God, Torso) tells the Dr. Moreau-like tale of shipwreck survivors who are washed ashore a mysterious island populated by genetically altered...well...fishmen. Hmm. Guess the original title was better after all.
    Dir. Sergio Martino \ Italy & USA \ 1979 \ 35mm \ 90 min. \ Color      

    Saturday, September 23: Fred Dekker Double Feature!  

    $10 - Showtime 8:00pm  

    NIGHT OF THE CREEPS: Think Invaders From Mars meets Night of the Living Dead meets Revenge of the Nerds: A college fraternity prank goes awry when two pledges unwittingly unleash long dormant alien parasites. If that weren't bad enough, the slug-like aliens have a bad habit of turning their human hosts into the walking dead! An enjoyable, underrated amalgam of B-Movie genres.
    Dir. Fred Dekker \ USA \ 1986 \ 35mm \ 89 min. \ Color    
    THE MONSTER SQUAD: Director Fred Dekker's loving tribute to Universal Monster movies and "Our Gang" style kids comedy has become a '80s classic on par with the similarly themed The Goonies. A group of horror film loving pre-teens discovers that the real Count Dracula has come to town--along with The Wolf Man, The Mummy, and Frankenstein's Monster! The kids then vow to use their monster movie knowledge to battle the forces of evil. Features creature effects by Stan Winston (Aliens, The Terminator) and a screenplay by Shane Black (Lethal Weapon, Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang).
    Dir. Fred Dekker \ USA \ 1987 \ 35mm \ 82 min. \ Color    

    Friday, October 13: 80's Stalk 'N' Slash Triple Feature!  

    $12 - Showtime 8:00pm  

    SLEEPAWAY CAMP: Initially dismissed as yet another pointless retread of Friday the 13th, Sleepaway Camp has since garnered a huge cult following due to its creative death sequences and shocking plot twists: a series of bizarre and increasingly violent accidents begins to claim the lives of various teens at Camp Arawak. Who is the twisted individual behind these murders?
    Dir. Robert Hiltzik \ USA \ 1983 \ 35mm \ 88 min. \ Color      
    GRADUATION DAY: After high school track runner Laura suddenly dies from a heart attack during a race, a killer wearing a sweatsuit and a fencing mask beings killing off her friends and team mates one by one. The suspects include the track coach, Laura's sister Anne who arrives in town for the funeral, the creepy school principal, and Laura's strange boyfriend Kevin.
    Dir. Herb Freed \ USA \ 1981 \ 35mm \ 96 min. \ Color      
    WACKO: Just as Scream and I Know What You Did Last Summer spawned the Scary Movie franchise, so too did the '80s slasher boom give birth to several silly spoofs. Wacko is about as goofy as they get: Joe Don Baker stars as an inept police officer convinced that there is a lawnmower-wielding murderer on the loose. Also features George Kennedy, Julia Duffy, and Andrew "Dice" Clay (!); directed by genre favorite Greydon Clark (Satan's Cheerleaders, Joysticks).
    Dir. Greydon Clark \ USA \ 1981 \ 35mm \ 90 min. \ Color    



    Exhumed Films presents:
    8-26-06 - Classic Italian “Giallo” thriller night!

    $10 - Showtime 8:00pm

    FOUR FLIES ON GREY VELVET - “When the flies start to crawl, so will your flesh!”  A musician is stalked by an unknown blackmailer and becomes increasingly more unnerved when the people he knows start turning up dead.  The stylish, very rarely screened third entry in Dario (SUSPIRIA) Argento’s “animal trilogy”, after THE BIRD WITH THE CRYSTAL PLUMAGE and CAT O’ NINE TAILS.  Music by Ennio Morricone.  NOT AVAILABLE ON DVD!
    Dir. Dario Argento \ Italy \ 1971 \ 16mm \ 104 min. \ Color \ English dubbed
    THEY’RE COMING TO GET YOU - A woman plagued by recurring nightmares is drawn into a coven of Devil worshippers in this kinky and hallucinatory Italian thriller by one of the genre’s master practitioners, Sergio (CASE OF THE SCORPION’S TAIL, TORSO) Martino.
    Dir. Sergio Martino \ Italy \ 1972 \ 16mm \ 88 min. \ Color \ English dubbed


    Exhumed Films Presents:
    7-22-06 - Zombies Vs. Cannibals!
    $10 - Showtime 8:00pm
    CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST - Banned in nearly 60 countries and unanimously considered the most shocking film ever made, Ruggero Deodato’s vile cannibal epic deserves every bit of it’s notorious reputation… and then some.  A crew of documentary filmmakers journey to the Amazon to make a film and are never heard from again… When their footage is found, the gruesome fate of the group comes to ghastly light!  WARNING!: THIS FILM IS NOT FOR THE EASILY OFFENDED OR FOR THE FEINT OF HEART!  REFUNDS WILL NOT BE GIVEN TO THOSE WHO CANNOT SIT THROUGH THE ENTIRE PICTURE.  Restored, totally uncut 35mm print! 
    Dir. Ruggero Deodato \ Italy \ 1980 \ 35mm \  95 min. \ Color \ English dubbed
    CITY OF THE WALKING DEAD - An airplane exposed to high levels of radiation lands disgorging a load of deranged, gun-toting, knife-wielding, cannibalistic passengers on the world!  A deliriously gory and cartoonish DAWN OF THE DEAD clone from the director of CANNIBAL FEROX and MAN FROM DEEP RIVER! 
    Dir. Umberto Lenzi \ Italy \ 1980 \ 35mm \  88 min. \ Color \ English dubbed


    6-23-06 - Possessed by William Girdler Double-Bill!

    $10 - Showtime 8:00pm

    THE MANITOU - “Evil does not die… it waits to be re-born!”  A woman checks in to a San Francisco hospital after finding a tumor on her back.  Medical science is baffled when the tumor grows and grows and manifests signs of some type of strange pregnancy.  Could it be that the tumor is the growing reincarnation of a 400-year old Demonic Native American medicine man?  Tony Curtis investigates with the help of Michael Ansara, Burgess Meredith and Stella Stevens.
    Dir. William Girdler \ USA\ 1978 \ 16mm \  104 min. \ Color
    ABBY - “Abby doesn’t need a man anymore… the Devil is her lover now!”  Pulled from theatrical release in 1974, William (GRIZZLY, SHEBA, BABY) Girdler’s rarely screened rip-off of THE EXORCIST can now be seen!  An Exorcist frees a demonic spirit in Africa only to return home to discover that the foul-mouthed spirit has possessed the body of his young daughter.  Featuring an all-star cast of popular black actors from the ‘70’s including William (BLACULA) Marshall, Austin (ASSUALT ON PRECINCT 13) Stoker, Terry (FOXY BROWN) Carter and Carol (THE MACK) Speed.  Preceded by a collection of Blaxploitation film trailers.
    Dir. William Girdler \ USA \ 1974 \ 16mm \  89 min. \ Color


    5-13-06 - KILLERS ON THE LOOSE!

    Showtime - 8 pm $12
    International House - 3701 Chestnut Street - Philadelphia, PA 19104

    HOUSE ON THE EDGE OF THE PARK -  From Ruggero Deodato, the director who shocked the world with CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST, comes this sadistic psycho-thriller about two degenerate scumbags who terrorize a group of snobbish party-goers.  Starring David Hess, the man who held you hostage you in LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT.  NOT FOR THE FEINT OF HEART!
    Dir. Ruggero Deodato \ Italy \ 1980 \ 35mm \ 91 min. \ Color

    RITUALS - Five men on a fishing trip hike to a remote area of Northern Ontario called “The Cauldron of the Moon” and unwittingly cross-over into the territory of a mercilessly savage killer!  A well-made, little-seen stalk-and-slash thriller starring Hal (THE FOG) Holbrook that was highly praised by no less than Stephen King!  “Not since DELIVERANCE… has the wilderness held such terror!” 
    Dir. Peter Carter \ Canada \ 1977 \ 35mm \ 100 min. \ Color


    4-14-06 - A night of CRAWLING TERROR!

    Showtime - 8 pm $12
    International House - 3701 Chestnut Street - Philadelphia, PA 19104

    SQUIRM - “An experience in pure fright!"  Downed powers lines wreak havoc for a small fishing village when billions of hungry flesh-eating sand worms rise to the surface to voraciously consume everything -- and everyone -- in their path.  A cult favorite from the director of BLUE SUNSHINE and JUST BEFORE DAWN, with truly gross make-up effects by Rick (AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON) Baker.
    Dir. Jeff Lieberman \ USA \ 1976 \ 35mm \  93 min. \ Color

    THE BOOGENS - Miners discover there’s something deadly in the deep, dark mines of Colorado in this rarely-seen atmospheric horror chiller from the producers of SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT!
    Dir. James L. Conway \ Canada \ 1982 \ 35mm \  95 min. \ Color


    3-4-06 - MONSTER-FU!

    Showtime - 8 pm $10
    International House - 3701 Chestnut Street - Philadelphia, PA 19104

    INFRA-MAN - Bent on world domination, Princess Dragon Mom, along with her menagerie of mutant monsters, kidnaps the daughter of a brilliant scientist, who in response creates Infra-Man, the man beyond bionics, to rescue his daughter and save the world!   A wild, non-stop martial arts/monster extravaganza from the Shaw Bros. inspired by Japan’s Ultra-Man/Godzilla craze.  A personal favorite of Roger Ebert!

    Dir. Shan Hua \ Hong Kong \ 1975 \ 35mm \  90 min. \ Color

    SONNY CHIBA’S DRAGON PRINCESS - On his deathbed, a man asks his daughter to set out on a bloody path of Kung Fu vengeance.  Sonny (THE STREETFIGHTER) Chiba and Sue (SISTER STREETFIGHTER) Shiomi -- together again in the BIGGEST, BOLDEST, BLOODIEST BATTLE of their LIVES!  ***SONNY CHIBA’S DRAGON PRINCESS will be preceded by the rarely-screened pilot episode for ULTRA-MAN during intermission!
    Dir. Yataka Kodaira \ Japan \ 1981 \ 35mm \  85 min. \ Color


    Saturday FEB. 4th, 2006
    Showtime - 8 pm $12
    International House - 3701 Chestnut Street - Philadelphia, PA 19104

    The Hungry Undead!
    ZOMBIE - “We Are Going to Eat You!”  The dead are among us again in this Italian DAWN OF THE DEAD rip-off that is a bloody, shocking masterpiece in it’s own right.  All the walking dead eye-impaling, throat-tearing and flesh-ripping you can stand!  We dare you to see it! 
    Dir. Lucio Fulci \ Italy \ 1979 \ 35mm \  91 min. \ Color
    EVIL DEAD 2: DEAD BY DAWN - Bruce Campbell and the Evil Dead are back to swallow your soul in Sam (SPIDER-MAN) Raimi’s gory, gleeful Larry, Moe and Curly (and Shemp!) inspired horror comedy.  The dead won’t stay dead when a ancient incantation awakes something evil in the woods.
    Dir. Sam Raimi \ USA \ 1987 \ 35mm \  85 min. \ Color
    GRAVE OF THE VAMPIRE - “Father and Son -- related by Blood!  Anyone’s Blood!”  Cult faves Michael (DRACULA’S DOG) Pataki and William (THE LOSERS) Smith are the vampirific relations in this rarely-screened horror obscurity written by David (THE SOPRANOS) Chase.
    Dir. John Hayes \ USA \ 1972 \ 35mm \ 95 min. \ Color

    2005-2006 FEATURE FILMS


    Friday Dec. 2, 2005
    Showtime - 8 pm $10
    International House - 3701 Chestnut Street - Philadelphia, PA 19104
    REVENGE… Loud as Thunder, Cold as Steel!
    ROLLING THUNDER - “Major Charles Rane Has Come Home To War!” William Devane plays a Vietnam war POW returned home to a new kind of combat in this gripping, shatteringly violent crime drama. A must-see for fans of tough action cinema of the ‘70’s! Co-starring Tommy Lee Jones.
    Dir. John Flynn \ USA \ 1977 \ 35mm \ 99 min. \ Color

    STEEL EDGE OF REVENGE - A guilt-ridden Samurai (Tatsuya Nakadai) is haunted by his involvement in a past massacre and determined to prevent another. Director Hideo Gosha’s samurai masterpiece has been called “a film of stunning beauty and power” by the L.A. Times.
    Dir. Hideo Gosha \ Japan \ 1969 \ 35mm \ 121 min. \ Color

    Saturday October 29, 2005
    International House - 3701 Chestnut Street - Philadelphia, PA 19104
    Showtime - 8 pm $12
    "They rip, they claw, they tear you to pieces!"
    Night of the Bloody Apes
    Half-Man, Half-Beast, ALL HORROR! A mad doctor performs the first ape-to-human heart transplant to save his son's life. The operation has one side-effect: his son becomes a mutated homicidal rampaging man-beast. A drive-in / grindhouse cult classic featuring masked female wrestling!
    Dir. Rene Cardona \ Mexico \ 1968 \ 35mm \ 83 min. \ Color
    "Their form is human but they have crossed over... is this sex after death?"
    The Witchmaker
    From the people that brought you A BOY AND HIS DOG and BROTHERHOOD OF SATAN comes this obscure Witchcraft shocker. A paranormal researcher takes a group of people deep into bayou country which also happens to be the setting for several ritualistic murders.
    Dir. William O. Brown \ US \ 1969 \ 35mm \ 97 min. \ Technicolor
    "You've come a long way, but are you ready for..."
    When The Screaming Stops
    The legendary siren Lorelei has lived for centuries beneath a grotto under the river Rhein in Germany. Every night when the moon is full, she transforms into a reptile-like creature craving human blood. When one girl after another is found murdered, a hunter is employed to destroy the beast. From the director of TOMBS OF THE BLIND DEAD. ***For those feint-of-heart audience members, the screen will flash red before the screaming starts!***
    Dir. Armando De Ossorio \ Spain \ 1974 \ 35mm \ 80 min. \ Color


    Saturday October 15, 2005
    International House - 3701 Chestnut Street - Philadelphia, PA 19104
    Showtime - 8 pm $12

    "Jason Is Back And This Is The One You've Been Screaming For!"
    Friday The 13th IV: The Final Chapter
    This was supposed to be Jason's unlucky day. The fourth film to end the series. The producers even brought on special make-up effects guru Tom (DAWN OF THE DEAD, CREEPSHOW) Savini, who worked on the original film, to kill off Jason with bloody panache. But we all know it didn't end there, don't we? Starring Corey Feldman and Crispin Glover.
    Dir. Joseph Zito \ US \ 1984 \ 16mm \90 min. \ Color
    "It's Nine Times More Suspensful!"
    Cat O' Nine Tails
    From the master of tension who brought you BIRD WITH THE CRYSTAL PLUMAGE, DEEP RED and SUSPIRIA! A blind puzzle maker (Karl Malden) and a reporter (James Franciscus) work together to solve a string of brutal murders centering around a break in at a research institute, in this stylish Italian suspense classic.
    Dir. Dario Argento \ Italy \ 1971 \ 16mm \ 112 min. \ Color
    "If you survive this night... nothing will SCARE you again!"
    Alice, Sweet Alice
    What terrible nightmares haunt little sweet Alice? What kind of horrible secret is she hiding? What hideous trauma so awful has driven her to commit such grisly murders? These are the shocking mysteries that haunt "Alice, Sweet, Alice," a horrific thriller that Roger Ebert calls "Splendidly Chilling!" The feature film debut of Brooke Shields.
    Dir. Alfred Sole \ US \ 1977 \ 35mm \ 108 min. \ Color


    Saturday October 1, 2005
    International House - 3701 Chestnut Street - Philadelphia, PA 19104
    Showtime - 8 pm $12

    "The seven dreaded gateways to hell are concealed in seven cursed places... And from the day the gates of hell are opened, the dead will walk the earth."
    The Beyond
    Italian gore-maestro Lucio Fulci's lurid Technicolor masterpiece! This holy grail of spaghetti splatter buffs returns to the screen in beautifully restored, uncut form.
    Dir. Lucio Fulci \ Italy \ 1981 \ 35mm \ 87 min. \ Color
    "How Did You Die, Joseph? Did You Die In This House? Why Do You Remain?"
    The Changeling
    A man (George C. Scott) becomes the unwilling instrument of a ghost's revenge in one of the most frightening supernatural thrillers ever made that will keep you guessing all the way to it's shocking climax.
    Dir. Peter Medak \ Canada \ 1980 \ 35mm \ 115 min. \ Color
    "Your Non-Stop Ride To Hell!"
    Horror Express
    A rarely-screened genre aficionado favorite about a Trans-Siberian train transporting the apparently dead and frozen remains of a centuries-old creature, which soon revives and begins brutally murdering passengers aboard. Titans of terror, Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee, must discover the nature of the beast in order to put a stop to it's bloody rampage.
    Dir. Eugenio Martin \ UK / Spain \ 1973 \ 35mm \ 88 min. \ Color


    Friday Sept. 16, 2005
    International House, 3701 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104 / Showtime 8 pm $10
    Long Live The New Flesh: A David Cronenberg Double Feature
    "You can't trust your mother, your best friend, the neighbor next door... one minute they're perfectly normal, THE NEXT..."
    After surviving a motorcycle accident, a young woman (played by porn star Marilyn Chambers) receives an experimental skin graft procedure which has contagious and increasingly disastrous results. A chilling mixture of sex and body horror from the director of Videodrome, The Fly and Naked Lunch. Pray it doesn't happen to you!
    Dir. David Cronenberg \ Canada \ 1977 \ 35mm \ 91 min. \ Color
    "If they get their hands on you you're better off... dead!"
    The Brood
    In one of director's most personal and unnerving films, an estranged man's wife undergoes radical psychological therapy to bring her repressed anxieties to the surface with freakish and murderous consequences. Experience Ultimate Terror In A Film So Frightening It Will Totally Devastate You.
    Dir. David Cronenberg \ Canada \ 1979 \ 35mm \ 92 min. \ Color


    Saturday August 6, 2005
    International House - 3701 Chestnut Street - Philadelphia, PA 19104 / Showtime - 8 pm $12
    "They will make cemeteries their cathedrals and the cities will be your tombs!"
    (1985) - Dir. Lamberto Bava
    "Something is after Jessica. Something very cold, very wet and very dead!"
    Let’s Scare Jessica To Death
    (1971) - Dir. John Hancock
    Children Shouldn’t Play With Death Things
    (1972) - Dir. Bob Clark (Deathdream, Black Christmas)


    June 11, 2005
    Pioneer Theater - 155 East 3rd Street - New York, NY 10009
    "The Dead Will Rise and Walk the Earth!"
    Gates of Hell
    (1980) - Dir. Lucio Lulci
    "Everything that makes life worth leaving!"
    Vault of Horror
    (1973) - Dir. Roy Ward Baker
    "Ghoul or Girl?"
    Blood and Roses
    (1960) - Dir. Roger Vadim


    April 3, 2005
    Bruce Campbell LIVE!!!

    INTERNATIONAL HOUSE, 3701 Chestnut St., Philadelphia PA
    Tickets on Sale at 10:00 Doors @ 10:30 $12
    Show approx Midnight
    The Man with the Screaming Brain!!!
    Bruce was on hand to intro the film, and do a Q&A afterwards only. THERE WERE NO ADVANCE TICKETS. WE SHOWED THE ENTIRE FILM - IT WAS AN ADVANCE "SNEAK PREVIEW" BUT OF THE ENTIRE FILM.


    March 18, 2005
    "VS" Triple Feature

    Broadway Theater, Pitman NJ / Doors @ 9:00pm $12
    Dracula vs. Frankenstein
    Godzilla vs. Monster Zero
    Werewolf vs. the Vampire Women


    February 25, 2005
    Broadway Theater, Pitman NJ / Doors @ 9:00pm $10
    Evil Dead 2
    The Devil's Rain


    2004 Feature Films

    November 19th 2004
    Broadway Theater, Pitman NJ / Doors at 9:30 / Show at 10:00pm $9
    Jim Van Bebber's
    Charlie’s Family (aka Manson Family)
    Race with the Devil
    (70`s Satanic Action Film)

    Fifteen years in the making, THE MANSON FAMILY, formerly known as CHARLIE¹S FAMILY in film circles, is the second feature from Dayton filmmaker Jim Van Bebber. Van Bebber found a cult following in the late 80¹s with his feature DEADBEAT AT DAWN as well as for his short films and music videos for such bands as Skinny Puppy.

    A self-financed labor of love, the film's scope expanded over the years to become a multi-layered final word on the tragic events of August 9th & 10th 1969 as well as the impact those events continue to have on popular culture. The film combines detailed recreations of the Family members' lives, chronicling of the events on the Spahn Ranch that led to the Tate-LaBianca killings and contemporary jailhouse interviews with The Family as well as a chilling look at a group of Manson-obsessed, nihilistic punk teenagers. Connecting these narrative strands is a tabloid television journalist producing a special focusing on The Family. Stylistically, The Manson Family fuses classic grindhouse horror with an experimentalism rooted in the underground referencing the transcendent death trip of the Cinema of Transgression to Kenneth Anger's hallucinogenic occultism.


    Friday October 22, 2004
    Broadway Theater, Pitman NJ / 8:00pm $12
    "The Dead of Night" Triple Feature
    Twilight People


    Friday October 8th, 2004
    Broadway Theater, Pitman NJ / 8:00pm $12
    "The Dead Walk" Triple Feature
    Day of the Dead
    The Fog
    Messiah of Evil


    Friday Sept. 24, 2004
    Broadway Theater, Pitman NJ / Doors at 9:30 $9
    Punk and Rock Night
    Decline of Western Civilization Pt 1
    Pink Floyd's The Wall


    Friday July 30, 2004
    Broadway Theater, Pitman NJ / Doors at 9:30 $9
    Fulci Double Feature
    House by the Cemetery


    Saturday August 28, 2004
    Broadway Theater, Pitman NJ / Doors at 9:30 $9
    Lesbian Vampire Double Feature
    Daughters of Darkness


    Saturday May 22, 2004
    In Conjunction with the International House / Show at 7:00pm $9
    John Woo Double Feature
    A Bullet in the Head


    April 16, 2004
    De-Humanization Horror!
    Broadway Theater, Pitman NJ / Doors at 9:30 / Show at 10:00pm $9
    John Carpenter's The Thing
    George A Romero's The Crazies
    Accompanied by two great short films
    Catharsis and Chambre Jaune


    March 26, 2004
    Horror On Vacation
    Broadway Theater, Pitman NJ / Doors at 9:30 / Show at 10:00pm $9
    Motel Hell
    Tourist Trap


    Feb. 27, 2004
    Spaghetti Zombie Horror Triple-Bill
    Broadway Theater, Pitman NJ / Doors at 9:30 / Show at 10:00pm $12
    Burial Ground
    City of the Walking Dead
    Night of the Zombies


    2003 Feature Films

    Friday Decembr 12, 2003
    Holiday Double Feature
    Broadway Theater, Pitman NJ / Doors at 7:30pm $8
    Black Christmas
    Silent Night, Deadly Night


    Friday November 7, 2003
    Drive-In Triple Feature!
    Broadway Theater, Pitman NJ / Doors at 8:30pm $10
    The Undertaker and His Pals
    Don't Look in the Basement


    Friday October 3, 2003
    Broadway Theater, Pitman NJ / Doors at 7:30pm $10
    Return of the Living Dead
    Gates of Hell
    The Children


    Friday October 17, 2003

    Broadway Theater, Pitman NJ / Doors at 7:30pm $10
    Nightmare in a Damaged Brain
    Massacre at Central High


    Friday September 12, 2003
    Takashi Miike Uncut Slaughterfest!

    Broadway Theater, Pitman NJ / Doors at 9:00pm $8
    Ichi the Killer
    More Miike Yakuza Craziness


    Saturday July 19, 2003
    Exhumed Films Presents an Evening of '80s Rock, featuring: ASIA

    Broadway Theater, Pitman NJ / Doors at 7:00 PM $20
    The two permanent members of the rock supergroup Asia will play a special acoustic set of Asia classics and other favorites!
    A 35mm screening of the 1983 New Wave movie Valley Girl will precede the performance.


    Friday July 11, 2003
    The Most Grueling Double-Bill of the Year!

    A Double-Shock Program GUARANTEED to Upset Your Stomach!
    Broadway Theater, Pitman NJ / Doors at 9:00pm $8
    From the Makers of Mondo Cane
    Farewell Uncle Tom
    Cannibal Ferox
    Warning: Due to the SHOCKING and VIOLENT subject matter, NO ONE UNDER 17 should attend this program!


    Friday June 13, 2003
    Slasher Movie Double Feature!

    Broadway Theater, Pitman NJ / Doors at 9:00pm $8
    Prom Night
    The Tool Box Murders


    Friday April 25, 2003
    Nightmare Double Feature

    Broadway Theater, Pitman NJ / Doors at 9:00pm $8
    Nightmare on Elm St.
    Nightmare on Elm St. Part 2


    Friday March 14, 2003
    Book of the Dead Double Feature

    Broadway Theater, Pitman NJ / Show at 9:00pm $8
    Evil Dead A gorgeous, new 35mm re-mastered print!
    (1983/85 min./R)
    (1971/80 min./PG)


    2002 Feature Films

    Friday November 22, 2002
    It‘s War In The Streets!

    Broadway Theater, Pitman NJ / Show at 9:00pm
    Beautiful, Restored Theatre with a Balcony - Just a few miles from the Rowan Campus!!
    Walter Hill's The Warriors
    (1979, U.S., 93 min., Flat)
    Enzo G. Castellari's 1990: The Bronx Warriors
    (1982, Italy, 89 min., Scope)


    Friday Nov. 1, 2002
    Italian Horror All-Nighter Pt III

    CINEMARK THEATRE, Somerdale NJ / Doors at 10:30 $12
    Dario Argento's Deep Red
    Umberto Lenzi's Paranois
    What Have They Done To Solange?
    Dario Argento's Bird with the Crystal Plummage


    Wednesday October 30, 2002
    In Conjunction with the International House, Philadelphia PA / Show at 8:00pm $8
    Tobe Hooper‘s The Funhouse
    Lemora: A Child's Tale of the Supernatural


    BOTH SHOWS AT THE CINEMARK THEATRE, Somerdale NJ / Doors at 10:30 $12 admission for each night
    Friday October 18, 2002
    `70's Horror Classics

    The Hills Have Eyes
    The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
    Saturday October 19, 2002
    Living Dead Marathon

    Night of the Living Dead (original)
    Dead & Buried
    Dead of Night (aka Deathdream)
    Peter Jackson's Dead/Alive


    Sept. 27, 2002

    HOYTS THEATRE,Camden NJ / Doors @ 10:30 Show @ 11:00
    The Viy
    The Philadelphia Area Premiere of this Russian Horror Masterpiece with a BRAND NEW 35mm Print!!!
    Near Dark


    Sept. 6, 2002

    HOYTS THEATRE,Camden NJ / Doors @ 10:30 Show @ 11:00
    Uzumaki (aka The Spiral)
    Takashi Miike's Dead or Alive!


    Friday August 2, 2002
    Stuart Gordon / HP Lovecraft Double Feature

    HOYTS THEATRE,Camden NJ / Doors @ 10:30 Show @ 11:00 $8
    Dagon (based on Lovecraft's Shadow over Innsmouth)
    From Beyond


    Friday July 12, 2002
    Our Annual Zombie Vs Cannibals Show

    HOYTS THEATRE,Camden NJ / Doors @ 10:30 Show @ 11:00 $8
    Welcome To Arrow Beach (aka Tender Flesh)
    Dr. Butcher MD


    Friday June 14, 2002
    Larry Fessenden Double Feature

    HOYTS THEATRE,Camden NJ / Door at 9:00pm Show at 9:30 pm $10
    No Telling (1991)
    Wendigo (2001)
    Introduced by director Larry Fessenden (who also directed HABIT in 1997) and featured an audience Q&A session BETWEEN the films. This show was organized by Exhumed member Joseph A. Gervasi with Profits donated to the Schuylkill Wildlife Rehabilitation Clinic, Philadelphia.


    Friday May 31, 2002
    Witchfinder Double Feature

    HOYTS THEATRE,Camden NJ / Doors at 10:30 Show at 11:00 $8
    Mark of the Devil
    The Conqueror Worm


    Friday May 17, 2002
    In Conjunction with the International House, Philadelphia PA / Show at 8:00pm $5
    Dario Argento‘s Inferno
    Mario Bava‘s Black Sabbath


    Friday April 5, 2002
    HOYTS THEATRE,Camden NJ / Doors at 10:30pm - Show at 11:00pm $8
    Demons 2


    Friday March 15, 2002
    80's Rock and Roll Night

    HOYTS THEATRE,Camden NJ / Doors at 10:30pm - Show at 11:00pm $8
    Two Legendary Rock Cult Movies on the Big Screen for One Night Only
    Pink Floyd's The Wall
    Heavy Metal


    Feb. 15, 2002
    Slasher Triple Feature

    HOYTS THEATRE,Camden NJ / Doors at 9:00pm Show at 9:30pm $10
    3 Great Slashers from the 80's!!!
    The Burning
    Alone in the Dark


    2001 Feature Films

    Friday Dec 14th, 2001
    Killer Santa Double Feature!

    HOYTS THEATRE,Camden NJ / Doors 10:30 Show 11:00 $8
    Silent Night, Deadly Night
    Tales from the Crypt


    Friday Nov. 16, 2001
    Blaxploitation Double Feature

    HOYTS THEATRE,Camden NJ / Doors 10:30 Show 11:00 $8
    Truck Turner


    Saturday Oct. 20, 2001
    Best of the 80's Night Pt 2 - The Undead!

    HOYTS THEATRE,Camden NJ / Doors 9:30 / Show 10:00 $12
    Return of the Living Dead
    ???Surprise Feature???
    Re-Animator Uncut Version!
    Evil Dead
    A Special Thanks to Criterion DVD and All Flesh Must Be Eaten Roleplaying Game for their great prizes.


    Friday Oct 19, 2001
    Best of the 80's Night Pt 1 - Monsters & Mayhem!

    HOYTS THEATRE,Camden NJ / Doors 9:30 / Show 10:00 $12
    An American Werewolf in London
    The Howling
    Nightmare on Elm St.


    Friday Oct. 5, 2001
    Italian Horror All-Nighter Redux

    HOYTS THEATRE,Camden NJ / Doors 9:30 / Show 10:00 $12
    Cemetery Man (aka Dellamorte Dellamore)
    Castle of Blood
    Beyond the Door
    $1 of every ticket sold will be donated to the Twin Towers Fund - benefiting the families of the Police and Firefighters killed during the recent tragedy. Our best wishes are with all involved.


    Friday September 7, 2001
    A Gruesome, Blood Soaked Hippie Double Feature!!!

    In Association with Grindhouse Releasing and Johnny Legend
    HOYTS THEATRE,Camden NJ / Doors 9:30 / Show 10:00 $8
    Flesh-Eating Hippies in...
    I Drink Your Blood Brand New, Restored, UNCUT, 35mm Print
    Hippies smoke bad pot and become...
    Toxic Zombies (aka Bloodeaters)


    Friday August 3, 2001
    John Carpenter Double Feature!

    HOYTS THEATRE,Camden NJ / Doors 10:30 / Show 11:00 $8
    Kurt Russell in Big Trouble in Little China
    Dark Star


    Friday July 13, 2001
    Argento vs. Bava Night!

    HOYTS THEATRE,Camden NJ / Doors 10:30 / Show 11:00 $8
    Two Amazing Masterpieces of Italian Horror in One Blood Soaked Night!!!
    Dario Argento's Deep Red
    Mario Bava's Kill, Baby, Kill


    Friday Friday June 29, 2001
    HOYTS THEATRE,Camden NJ / Doors at 10:30pm Show at 11:00pm $8
    Cannibal Holocaust
    Unstoppable Nazi Zombies!


    Friday June 8, 2001
    HAMMER FILMS Double Feature

    HOYTS THEATRE,Camden NJ / Doors at 10:30pm Show at 11:00pm $8
    Two great films from one of the greatest studios ever!
    Vampire Circus
    Hands of the Ripper


    Friday May 11, 2001
    Super Violent Asian Film Night!!!

    HOYTS THEATRE,Camden NJ / Doors at 10:30pm Show at 11:00pm $8
    Shogun Assassin
    Lone Wolf and Cub wreak blood spurting havoc on feudal Japan. HANG ON TO YOUR HEADS!
    Duel to the Death
    From Ching Siu Tung - director of the Chinese Ghost Story and Swordsman trilogies.


    Friday April 6, 2001
    A KICK ASS double feature from the Godfather of Gore... Herschell Gordon Lewis

    Please bring a vomit bag - you will need it!
    HOYTS THEATRE,Camden NJ / Doors at 10:30pm Show at 11:00pm $8
    (please note this show has been moved up from its originally scheduled date of Apr 27)
    2000 Maniacs
    plus... Special 2nd Feature
    The Wizard of Gore!
    Featuring DVD Giveaways Courtesy of Image Entertainment


    Friday March 16, 2001
    HOYTS THEATRE,Camden NJ / Doors at 10:30pm Show at 11:00pm $8
    The 35mm Philadelphia Area Premiere of...
    The Convent
    Starring Adrienne Barbeau and Coolio
    Plus special 2nd feature
    Night of the Comet


    Friday February 23, 2001
    Fulci Fest!

    HOYTS THEATRE,Camden NJ / Doors at 9:30pm Show at 10:00pm $10
    The Pscyhic (aka Murder to the Tune of Seven Black Notes)
    Gates of Hell


    2000 Feature Films

    Friday December 1, 2000
    Old School Kung Fu! Shaw Brothers Style!!!

    HOYTS THEATRE,Camden NJ / Doors at 10:30pm Show at 11:00pm $8
    Master Killer (AKA 36th Chamber of Shaolin)
    Crippled Avengers (AKA Return of the Five Deadly Venoms)


    Friday November 17, 2000
    Groovy Triple Feature!!!

    HOYTS THEATRE,Camden NJ / Doors at 9:30pm Show at 10:00pm $8
    Evil Dead
    Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn
    Army of Darkness


    Friday October 27, 2000
    HOYTS THEATRE,Camden NJ / Doors at 10:30 Show at 11:00 $8
    Tobe Hooper's Poltergeist
    Larry Cohen's Mutant Baby Epic It's Alive!


    Friday October 20, 2000
    All Night Italian Horror Marathon

    HOYTS THEATRE,Camden NJ / Doors at 9:30pm Show at 10:00pm $10
    5 Blood Filled Films!
    Jungle Holocaust
    (1978 Rated R)
    Ruggero Deodato’s Gory adventure film about a plane crash survivor who is captured and tortured by Cannibals.
    The Beyond
    (1981 UNCUT!)
    Lucio Fulci’s masterpiece about a woman who inherits a decrepit hotel in Louisiana that happens to sit upon one of the seven gates of hell.
    The Horrible Dr. Hichcock
    (1962 76m NR)
    A scientist tries to use the blood of his new wife to resurrect his dead wife in this gothic Italian thriller starring Barbara Steele.
    Revenge of the Dead (aka Zeder)
    (1984 100m Rated R)
    Archeologists discover an ancient power that causes the dead to return to life.
    Burial Ground
    (1985 85m Rated R)
    A group of people staying at a weekend house are eaten by Zombies recently returned from the grave in this classic example of the Italian Splatterfest!


    Friday October 6, 2000
    David Cronenberg Double Feature

    HOYTS THEATRE,Camden NJ / Doors at 10:30 Show at 11:00 $8
    The Fly


    Friday Sept 22, 2000
    Another John Carpenter Double Feature

    HOYTS THEATRE,Camden NJ / Doors at 10:30pm, Tickets $8
    Escape from NY
    (1981, 99m Rated R)
    Starring Kurt Russell and Isaac Hayes!
    Assault on Precinct 13
    (1976, 91m NR)


    August 18, 2000
    John Carpenter Sci-Fi Alien Double Feature

    HOYTS THEATRE,Camden NJ / Doors at 10:30pm, Tickets $8
    The Thing
    They Live


    July 7, 2000
    The Third Annual Zombies vs Cannibals Night

    HOYTS THEATRE,Camden NJ /Doors at 10:30 Tickets $8
    An Umberto Lenzi Double Feature
    From the Director of Cannibal Ferox
    City of the Walking Dead (aka Nightmare City)
    The Cannibal Movie that Started it All
    Man From Deep River


    Friday June 2, 2000
    Tom Savini Night

    HOYTS THEATRE,Camden NJ /Doors at ? Tickets $?
    Night of the Living Dead '90
    Tom was on hand to Introduce the Film, Discuss his Career and Sign Autographs. Hope you didn't miss this great oppurtunity to see the man behind the spfx for Dawn of Dead, Creepshow, Friday the 13th 1, 2 and 4 and many others.


    Friday May 19, 2000
    Campy Horror Night

    HOYTS THEATRE,Camden NJ /Doors at 10:30 Tickets $7
    Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things!
    (Tom Savini re-scheduled to appear June 2, 2000 with a different film)


    Friday May 5, 2000
    Euro-Horror Night! Fulci and Bava!

    HOYTS THEATRE,Camden NJ /Doors at 10:30 Tickets $7
    House By The Cemetery


    Friday April 14, 2000
    Wax Vampire Fangs will be handed out while supplies last!!!

    HOYTS THEATRE,Camden NJ /Doors at 10:30 / Admission $7


    Friday March 24, 2000
    In March - We Have Such Sights To Show You

    HOYTS THEATRE,Camden NJ /Doors at 10:30 / Admission $7


    Friday, Feb. 18, 2000

    HOYTS THEATRE,Camden NJ /10:30pm $7 for the Double Feature
    The Horror Classic on the Big Screen
    Cheesy B-Movie Fun that Inspired Evil Dead
    Equinox (aka The Beast)
    Both Films Presented in 35mm on the Big Screen!!!


    1999 Feature Films

    Friday October 29, 1999 ----- Peter Jackson Night
    Dead/Alive and Bad Taste

    Friday October 15, 1999 ----- John Carpenter Night

    Halloween and The Thing

    Friday October 1, 1999 -----Tobe Hooper Night

    Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2
    All Double Features presented at the Harwan Theatre, Mt. Ephraim NJ
    Show Time 10:30pm Admission Just $7


    Friday August 20, 1999
    Hosted by Bruce Campbell!!!

    Harwan Theatre, Mt. Ephraim NJ / Tickets on Sale at 11:00 Show at Midnight $7
    Evil Dead 2
    Bruce was on hand to introduce the film, answer questions and provide autographs for FREE! Hope you didn't miss this oppurtunity to see Bruce in-person! Groovy!!!


    Friday August 13, 1999
    A Special Friday the 13th Double Feature

    Harwan Theatre, ???? NJ / 10:30pm $7
    The Harwan became Camp Crytal Lake for ONE NIGHT ONLY!
    Friday the 13th and Friday the 13th Part 2


    Friday July 16, 1999
    Harwan Theatre, Mt. Ephraim NJ / 10:30pm $7
    Dr. Butcher, M.D. - Medical Deviate (aka Zombie Holocaust)
    Night of the Zombies


    Friday June 4, 1999
    Two Cult Classics!!!

    Harwan Theatre, Mt. Ephraim NJ / 10:30pm $7
    Brian DePalma's Phantom of the Paradise
    Russ Meyer's Beyond the Valley of the Dolls
    More camp than all of the Friday the 13ths together!


    Friday April 23, 1999
    Harwan Theatre, Mt. Ephraim NJ / 10:30pm $7
    The original classic!!!
    Wes Craven's
    A Nightmare on Elm St.
    A Creepy, Lovecraftian Zombie Chiller
    Messiah of Evil (aka Dead People)


    March 26, 1999
    Harwan Theatre, Mt. Ephraim NJ / 10:30pm $7
    Exhumed Films is very proud to present the Philadelphia Area premiere of a great new independent film:
    A Gun for Jennifer
    Wes Craven's Last House on the Left


    March 5, 1999
    Exhumed Films presents its tribute to Joe D'Amato for only $4!!!

    Harwan Theatre, Mt. Ephraim NJ / 10:30pm $4
    Ator the Fighting Eagle
    Umberto (Cannibal Ferox) Lenzi's super violent crime thriller
    Almost Human


    Friday February 12, 1999
    Werewolves and Zombies

    Harwan Theatre, Mt. Ephraim NJ / 10:30pm $7
    The Howling
    very special encore presentation of
    Lucio Fulci's Zombie


    1998 Feature Films


    Friday November 13, 1998
    Harwan Theatre, Mt. Ephraim NJ / 10:30pm $7
    Lucio Fulci's The Beyond
    Uncut and Remastered in 35mm. Hope you didn't miss this beautiful masterpiece of mayhem!


    6 Incredible Horror Classics in October!!!
    Friday October 30, 1998

    Harwan Theatre, Mt. Ephraim NJ / 10:30pm $7
    John Carpenter's The Fog
    A Dario Argento Production Demons

    Friday October 23, 1998
    Harwan Theatre, Mt. Ephraim NJ / 10:30pm $7
    H.P. Lovecraft Double Feature
    From Beyond

    Friday October 9, 1998
    Harwan Theatre, Mt. Ephraim NJ / 10:30pm $7
    Evil Dead 2
    Special Surprise 2nd Feature


    Friday August 7, 1998
    Vomit Bags were distributed before the show (No Kidding)!!!

    Harwan Theatre, Mt. Ephraim NJ / 10:30pm $7
    Cannibal Ferox (aka Make them Die Slowly)
    Burial Ground
    Special Grindhouse Releasing Double Feature. See Grindhouse's amazing new remastered 35mm print of Cannibal Ferox in all of its glory. Then stick around for our favorite subject - Zombies in the atmospheric classic Burial Ground.


    Friday July 10, 1998
    Euro Horror clashes with American Horror!

    Harwan Theatre, Mt. Ephraim NJ / 10:30pm $7
    The Hills Have Eyes
    Unbelievable! Two great movies, two great directors, both made the same year!


    Friday May 15, 1998
    Harwan Theatre, Mt. Ephraim NJ / 10:30pm $7
    Evil Dead 2
    Hope you didn't miss out on this great double feature!


    Friday March 13, 1998
    Harwan Theatre, Mt. Ephraim NJ / 10:30pm $7
    Friday the 13th Part 3-D
    Presented in 3-D!!!


    Friday February 13, 1998
    Harwan Theatre, Mt. Ephraim NJ / 10:30pm $7
    Black Sunday
    Bird with the Crystal Plumage
    Hope you didn't miss this one. It was incredible with a gorgeous print of Black Sunday.


    1997 Feature Films


    Friday October 24, 1997
    Harwan Theatre, Mt. Ephraim NJ / 10:30pm $7
    The Gates of Hell