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Exhumed Films presents



Exhumed Films Presents Slasher Movie Madness!

Friday, March 13, 2015 – Doors at 7:00, show starts at 7:30 pm – $20 general admission, $15 IHP members


HACK-O-LANTERN (U.S. theatrical premiere!)

1988 / 35mm / Dir. Jag Mundhra / 87 min.

Hey, you there!  Do you love slasher movies?  You do?!  Then I bet you also love Heavy Metal music, right?  Of course!  And it would stand to reason, then, that you also love Satan, yes?  Right on!  Well, my friend, have we got the film for you: a Satanic/Heavy Metal/Slasher movie, set on Halloween night!  HACK-O-LANTERN (aka HALLOWEEN NIGHT, DEATH MASK) is a timeless cautionary tale that contains an important lesson for children: shun your grandparents, because they are probably Satanists.  Ubiquitous genre character actor Hy Pike (BLADE RUNNER, SLITHIS, VAMP, DOLEMITE) plays a demonic old man who lures his young grandson Tommy into the world of Satanic cultism.  Years later, a grown up Tommy is about to be officially initiated into the family hobby when a mysterious figure in a devil mask begins slaughtering residents of the small suburban town.  Who is responsible for the murders?  Is it Tommy?  Grandpa?  Or is someone even more sinister behind the carnage?  Although given a theatrical release overseas, HACK-O-LANTERN was only released direct-to-video in the United States.  Exhumed Films is pleased to present the FIRST EVER U.S. theatrical screening of this forgotten gem.  Featuring insane musical sequences, impressive gore set pieces, and gratuitous nudity, HACK-O-LANTERN is not to be missed.



1988 / 35mm / Dir. Dwight H. Little / 88 min.

The box office failure of HALLOWEEN III was attributed in large part to the fact that it eschewed the usual slasher film tropes in favor of a sci-fi/supernatural bent.  The film’s poor reception seemed to doom the popular horror series, but in 1988 producer Moustapha Akkad successfully resurrected the dormant franchise--as well as its iconic boogeyman, Michael Myers.  While continuing the story without original writer/director John Carpenter may have been ill-advised, HALLOWEEN 4: THE RETURN OF MICHAEL MYERS is a surprisingly effective and well regarded sequel that towers above most of the awful series entries and remakes that followed.  Although seemingly burned to death at the end of HALLOWEEN II (after also having both eyeballs shot out, mind you), silent stalker Michael Myers miraculously returns to terrorize the hapless residents of Haddonfield, IL ten years after his original killing spree.  This time, he has fixated on the young daughter of his former victim (and sister) Laurie Strode.  It's up to Michael's long-suffering psychiatrist Dr. Loomis (sole returning cast member Donald Pleasance) to once again pursue his patient and prevent more bloodshed.



1981 / 35mm / Dir. James Bryan / 82 min.

We will be honest with you: DON’T GO IN THE WOODS has a bit of a mixed reputation.  By mixed, we mean that some people hate it, while other people really hate it.  Indeed, DON’T GO IN THE WOODS is considered by some to be the worst slasher film ever made.  And yet, the film definitely has its charms; in many ways, it serves as a spoof of the genre by eliminating all characterization/motivation and just concentrating on the splatterific kills.  And make no mistake—this film does not skimp on the splatter! The plot is hardly original: a group of hikers out for a weekend of partying in the woods are stalked by a deranged, machete-wielding maniac.  Will the local sheriff and his deputy be able to rescue the hikers before it’s too late?  Will the audience be able to remain in the theater until the film actually ends?  See DON’T GO IN THE WOODS and find out!

Exhumed Films and Cinedelphia Film Festival Present: MILLIGAN MANIA!

Friday, April 10 – International House Philadelphia – Doors at 7:00 PM, show at 7:30 PM

Admission: $20 general admission / $15 IHP members

Join Exhumed Films for a celebration of one of genre cinema’s most unique filmmakers: Andy Milligan.  Over the course of his career, Milligan was an actor, playwright, artist, avant-garde filmmaker, and pioneer of gay cinema.  However, he is perhaps best remembered for his series of extremely low budget horror period pieces made in the early 1970s.  Although filled with amateur actors, minimalistic sets and ample anachronisms, Milligan’s monster movies display an admirable enthusiasm and DIY aesthetic that sets them apart from other grindhouse flicks of the era. Exhumed is pleased to present three rarely screened Andy Milligan movies:


Dir. Andy Milligan / USA / 1970 / 35mm / 77 min.

If early-era John Waters had made a prequel to PINK FLAMINGOS that was set in the middle ages—and shot at a second rate renaissance faire—the result would probably look a lot like TORTURE DUNGEON.  In the medieval kingdom of Tarragon (!), the warped, power-mad Duke of Norwich (Milligan regular Gerald Jacuzzo, looking like Christopher Guest in “The Princess Bride”) plots an unlikely scheme to take control of the throne through a combination of murder, torture, and forced insemination.  The plot is beyond muddled, but the ample gore and outlandish sex scenes (including a “trisexual” threesome with a hunchback) are enough to make TORTURE DUNGEON one of Milligan’s most enjoyable undertakings.


Dir. Andy Milligan / USA / 1970 / 35mm / 79 min.

Andy Milligan tackled many classic horror tales and tropes in his movies, from vampires to werewolves to Frankensteinian monsters.  Here, Andy takes on the legend of Sweeny Todd in this loose retelling of the “Demon Barber of Fleet Street” murders.  You know the story: a barbarous barber (film and television bit player John Miranda in his only starring role) slaughters his clients and then teams up with a baker of meat pies to dispose of the bodies by converting the corpses into diabolical delicacies.  The usual Milligan mixture of sex and sadism ensues, including the infamous “boob pie” scene which by itself makes BLOODTHIRSTY BUTCHERS worth a look.


Dir. Andy Milligan / USA / 1972 / 35mm / 80 min.

Let’s be clear, just to prevent the inevitable disappointment: no one in this movie has two heads.  Originally titled DR. JEKYLL AND MR. BLOOD, Andy Milligan’s adaptation of the famous Robert Louis Stevenson novel was likely re-named in order to capitalize on the success of films like THE INCREDIBLE TWO-HEADED TRANSPLANT and THE THING WITH TWO HEADS.  Instead of Milligan’s take on multi-headed monsters (which, admittedly, would probably have been amazing), we get this relatively faithful version of the Jekyll/Hyde story where a noble doctor attempts to isolate and eliminate mankind’s capacity for evil through chemical means.  However, when kindly Dr. Jekyll accidently drinks an altered version of his anti-evil serum, he transforms into the wicked Mr. Danny Blood (???), who unleashes his depraved lusts on a promiscuous young barmaid—and his violent rage against anyone standing in his path.  While THE MAN WITH TWO HEADS may suffer from Milligan’s usual limitations (the “Mr. Hyde” makeup basically consists of some bushy eyebrows and messy hair), the film actually features one of the most competent casts in Andy’s oeuvre, and is an enjoyable (if low rent) take on a classic story. 
Special thanks to Mr. Alex Kogan, Jr. of Films Around The World, Inc. & Mr. Fat-W Video!

Exhumed Films and the Cindedelphia Film Festival Present: PAUL NASCHY CREATURE FEATURES—“AS SEEN ON TV!”
Wednesday, April 15 – PhilaMOCA – Doors at 7:00 PM, show at 7:30 PM

Tickets for this Exhumed/Cinedelphia Event Here

Exhumed Films and Cinedelphia invite you to travel back in time to a glorious era: that of Saturday afternoon/late night “Creature Feature” television programming!  For decades, local UHF and cable television stations across the nation ran classic—and not so classic—horror films as afternoon matinees or midnight movies, often hosted by creepy costumed commentators with names like Vampira, Zacherley, and Ghouldardi.  Those who grew up in the 1960s and 1970s likely remember such programs with great fondness.  For one night, relive the fun with Exhumed’s re-creation of the “Creature Feature” experience.  We will present a double feature of Paul Naschy monster movies that would have run on Saturday afternoon/evenings--both films will be projected from actual 16mm television prints, including commercial breaks featuring vintage ads.  We’ll even have a special appearance by our own team of horror hosts, Dr. Schlock and his twisted assistant Morgor!  Join us for the following frightful features:
1973 / 16mm / Dir. Carlos Aured / 91 min.
Having already portrayed The Wolf Man and Dracula in previous films, Spanish horror star Paul Naschy here presents his take on another Universal Studios favorite, The Mummy.  Indeed, THE MUMMY’S REVENGE is in many respects just a more gruesome update of the 1932 Karloff classic.  Here, Naschy portrays the evil pharaoh Amenhotep, whose bloodthirsty deeds are ended when he is mummified and buried alive.  However, when he is resurrected thousands of years later by one of his descendants (Naschy again, in a dual role), the mummy seeks both vengeance against the world that wronged him, and the affections of a young woman he believes to be his reincarnated love!  Never released theatrically in the U.S., THE MUMMY’S REVENGE could only have been seen on Saturday afternoon or late night television programming.  Come watch it with us, just as it would have been viewed in 1978!
1972 / 16mm / Dir. José María Zabalza/ 90 min.
While Paul Naschy played a variety of creeps and killers throughout his career, he is by far most famous for his recurring role as Waldemar Daninsky, a nobleman who can’t seem to shake the curse of lycanthropy: in film after film, through a variety of circumstances, poor Waldemar keeps getting transformed into a howling beast.  In this, the fourth entry of the “Hombre Lobo” series, Daninsky is a member of a Tibetan expedition who is bitten by a Yeti-like creature; when he returns home, he finds that the bite (however inexplicably) has turned him into a werewolf!  He takes out his titular fury on his adulterous wife before being killed by electrocution. (??)  But you can’t keep a good (wolf) man down, and soon Waldemar is resurrected by an evil scientist to serve her mysterious, nefarious purposes.  THE FURY OF THE WOLFMAN is one of the most absurd and nonsensical of the Naschy werewolf series...and that’s why we love it so much.

Saturday, May 2, 2015 - Exhumed Films Presents eX-Fest Part V!

Doors at 10am, show at 11am.  Tickets: $30 general admission/$20 IHP members



It's time once again for Exhumed Films' annual assault of oddities and outrageousness!  eX-Fest is a full 12-hour marathon showcasing the craziest, nastiest, bloodiest exploitation movies ever made, all presented in 35mm.  Hearken back to the glory days (and gory days) of grimy grindhouse cinema!  A wide swath of exploitation genres will be represented, from kung-fu to blaxploitation, spaghetti western to sexploitation, etc.  The film selections are kept secret and the titles only revealed to the audience as each film is projected. For fans of cult and genre movies, this event is not to be missed!