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Exhumed Films and the Mahoning Drive-In present - DRIVE-IN ZOMBIEFEST!

On Memorial Day weekend, May 22nd-24th, Exhumed Films will be partnering with the Mahoning Drive-In to present the first-ever DRIVE-IN ZOMBIEFEST!  We'll be showing a weekend-long retrospective featuring nine walking dead favorites on one of the largest drive-in theater screens in the country!  Relive the nostalgic days of the drive-in with three big nights of flesh eating fright! 

Here's an amazing opportunity for fans new to the Exhumed Films screenings to get a chance to see some of the best living dead classics you may have missed when we've shown them in the past!  And for those long-time fans of Exhumed, don't miss this chance to relive the excitement of these films in a fun, new setting -- under the stars on an outdoor screen!  Please come out and show your support!  If there's enough interest in these shows, we plan to continue bringing unique drive-in retrospectives to the Mahoning Drive-In Theater for the rest of the season!

All screenings begin at dusk, and gates open at 6pm.  Tickets are $10 for each night.

Camping is available for an additional $10 each night!

Mahoning Drive-In Theatre
635 Seneca Rd.
Lehighton, PA 18235

For more information:


A weekend-long retrospective of nine walking dead favorites shown from 35mm film!

Friday, May 22nd:

DAY OF THE DEAD (1985)- Cooped up in a military base in an abandoned mine, scientists desperately search for cure to the outbreak of walking death that has plagued the world.  A 30th anniversary screening of George A. Romero's claustrophobic finale to his classic original undead trilogy! 

MESSIAH OF EVIL (1974)- A woman's search for her missing father leads her to a coastal town inhabited by a strange undead cult.  A chilling and eerie Lovecraftian gem from the '70's that must be seen on the big screen!  Aka. THE DEAD PEOPLE.

HOUSE BY THE CEMETERY (1981)- Part of a quintet of super-gory, over-the-top zombie features from cult favorite Italian horror director Lucio Fulci (see also: ZOMBIE, THE BEYOND & GATES OF HELL)!

Saturday, May 23rd:

DEMONS (1985)- Reality becomes nightmare when an audience attending the premiere of a mysterious horror film is trapped inside a movie theatre and turned into hideous, rampaging demons!  Produced by Dario (SUSPIRIA) Argento, this ultra-gory, heavy metal-driven phantasmagoric splatter fest is a wild exercise in delirious nonsense that must be seen by every true horror fan!  Music by Billy Idol, Motley Crüe, Saxon, etc. 

CHILDREN SHOULDN'T PLAY WITH DEAD THINGS (1971)- From the director of A CHRISTMAS STORY!  A group of friends gather at an island cemetery for an evening of ghoulish pranks, until some uninvited rotting guests show up for the party!  This cheap, early cash-in on NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD is a gruesome, atmospheric delight!

ONE DARK NIGHT (1983)- A night in a creepy old mausoleum is scary enough, but when an undead spirit wakes up to wreak supernatural havoc, a young schoolgirl and her friends get much more than they bargained for in this little seen, effective horror thriller by the director of FRIDAY THE 13TH VI: JASON LIVES!

Sunday, May 24th:

CITY OF THE WALKING DEAD (1980)- Is it reality or nightmare, when a passenger plane lands disgorging an unstoppable army of pizza-faced zombie killers?  This Italian production directed by Umberto (CANNIBAL FEROX) Lenzi is one of the most insane, gore-hound-pleasing, WTF horror movies ever made! 

TWO EVIL EYES (1989)- George A. Romero and Dario Argento (who formerly collaborated on the seminal masterpiece DAWN OF THE DEAD) team up to take on an adaptation of two famous tales from Edgar Allan Poe!  Starring Harvey Keitel, Adrienne Barbeau, Tom Atkins and E.G. Marshall.  Effects by Tom Savini.

REVENGE OF THE DEAD (1980)- A message on a typewriter ribbon leads a journalist on a quest to discover more about a mysterious scientist and his theories involving the reanimation of the dead buried in strange locations.  Ignore the cheap DAWN OF THE DEAD-inspired ripoff ad campaign employed by the original distributors of this unsettling horror thriller; the film is not a lame-brained Italian zombie gut-muncher, but a subtle, haunting, sophisticated living dead picture that's a true gem of '80's horror cinema!  Give it a chance!

Hope to see you there!

Exhumed Films and International House Philadelphia Present: A Massacre Triple Feature!

Saturday, June 20 – Doors at 7:00 PM, show at 7:30 PM

TIckets: $20 general admission/$15 IHP members

Dir. Evan Lee / USA / 1977 / 35mm / 85 min.

This oddball horror absurdity can’t decide what exactly it wants to be, so it winds up being a little bit of everything in hopes of attracting an audience: Hammer Films fan? There’s a Christopher Lee wraparound! Like extreme, LAST HOUSE-style killings? We’ve got those too! Hey, that EXORCIST movie is pretty popular, right? Well, our film has a vengeful invisible demon! Yes, MEATCLEAVER MASSACRE has it all…except, paradoxically, meatcleavers. The plot concerns a foursome of sadistic students who decide to terrorize their hated college professor and his family. But it’s the teacher who has the last laugh when he summons a demonic force to exact his vengeance!

Dir. Stu Segall / USA / 1977 / 35mm / 74 min.

A psychotic serial killer is on the loose and murdering patrons at a California drive-in. It’s up to two local police detectives to get to the bottom of the murders and discover the identity of the samurai sword wielding wacko! This low-budget affair is notable in that it was written by the great character actor George “Buck” Flower (ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK, THEY LIVE), who also appears in an uncredited role.

Dir. Jack Weis / USA / 1978 / 35mm / 97 min.

In this sleazy pseudo-remake of Herschel Gordon Lewis’s BLOOD FEAST, an Aztec priest is stalking the streets of New Orleans, murdering prostitutes as a sacrifice to the ancient death goddess, Coatl. This film was distressing enough to find itself on the infamous “Video Nasty” of movies banned in the UK during the 1980s. Gruesome and gratuitous, MARDI GRAS MASSACRE is full of the elements one looks for in a good horror/exploitation film: masked killers, amateurish acting, lots of nudity, and excessive gore & violence. If you need a good excuse to take a shower, MARDI GRAS MASSACRE should do the trick.